Take Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates

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2016 is wrapping up quickly and the mortgage rates for 2017 haven’t increased, but they are expected to.  We've seen a dramatic increase in rates since the elections.  I know this is something that I keep talking about, but I want to make sure that my clients don't lose out on the opportunity to lock in a low rate.  This is all about timing. If you’re thinking about buying or selling, I'd recommend doing it now. 

Talk to me about getting pre-approved for your dream house or schedule a quick mortgage check up to see if refinancing is an option.  You'd be surprised with how creative I can be! Another hot topic is our new "digital mortgage process" which is going to make getting a loan easier than ever.  The normal 45-day process has been cut to 10... not joking. 

All of this being said, I encourage you to get that pre-approval process or your refinance check-up started today.  For any questions, leave me a comment below or visit www.loanwithrick.com.  


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