Spring Cleaning

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Open Sky Real Estate

We started opening our pool this past weekend and a couple of weeks ago we cleaned up the yard from all the winter twigs and thatching the grounds.  This reminds me of how you need to take care of things everyday and not wait until the last minute.

In your business, job or your personal items you need to always stay on top of things and not procrastinate doing things. 

  • In your business you need to be the first to call the client instead of the client call you. 
  • In your job you need to think ahead and have it done before your supervisor comes to you to ask you to do it. 
  • At your home you need to get things done before your wife, husband or neighbor asks you to do it.  This one is funny because if you live in a subdivision the neighbors will come to you.  lol

If people would only, at a minimum, just do what they are supposed to do then the world would be so much better.  It amazes me how some people continue to make money and keep their marriages together doing what they do.  When you committed to the job or marriage then you need to stay committed and do your best.

Always commit to the end and do your best to always stay on track and provide the best service you can.

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