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Something New, Something Old, Something borrowed- No I'm not getting married..

Mortgage and Lending with First Meridian Mortgage

I've been doing residential mortgages for the past 8 years, and the past 8 months for me has not been fun at all!! I started disliking originating loans, It used to be a challenge, but suddenly I had to say NO to lots of clients, the banks just are taking too long and I got tired of dealing with rate shoppers.. so i sat down and wrote a new business plan




I decided its time for something new,

I decided its time for me to start originating commercial loans. I always new the basics, however I now buckled down and became an official expert


I didnt want to lose all my referal partners, and say good bye to my old clients, so I set up a system where I spend only a couple of hours a day on residential financing

so my Something Old didnt have to go

I called up an old friend of mine and borrowed his formula for success! I made it my business to meet a banker every month, learn thier strenghs and cultivate solid relationships.

 I got the word out that I am now the official go to person with commercial financing.

 I am now closing deals, I'm definitly not bored and I'm LOVING it. I love the challenge and the best part is that I did not have to include something blue... the world is bright yellow and I'm loving it!!