Things are Changing in Clearlake Oaks

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Nylander Park is almost finished...and what a lovely addition it is to this little "lakeside community". The Nylanders are longtime members of this community. Currently, the third generation are operating the Nylander's RED & WHITE Market, in operation longer than most know. This is a great way to honor a family that has taken such good care of a community for so long.

The site for this park was an unsightly vacant lot which collected trash and debris for years. This 'eyesore' was in the middle of town and alongside the highway which carries thousands of would-be visitors. As a tourist oriented lake community, this park will greet travelers with a welcoming face that will allow folks to stop, have a picnic and let the kids play on the new and colorful playground equipment. This park is the result of a partnership between the Lake County Parks Department, Lake County Redevelopment Agency and local businesses (more about this in my next Clearlake Oaks post).

The lawns are lush...the skies are blue... and the fish are bitin'. What are you waiting for?

Clearlake Oaks is on the shore of Clear Lake, California's Largent Natural Lake (also known as the Bass Fishing Capital of the West). Visit for all the information you need to find Northern California's best kept secret!

Nylander Park

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