5 Essential Features of Irresistible Dr Phillips Homes

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Doctor Phillips real estate

Showing buyers in Doctor Phillips Florida for over 15 years brings with it a wealth of information and wow factors of a home, that a majority of buyers love.  

We're not talking here about your dream home, those features are yours, and yours alone.  This list of irresistible features are must haves if you are purchasing an investment property or flipping within 3 to 5 years.

Purchasing Doctor Phillips real estate, or pretty much any sought after community, on the foundation of these 5 features,  have you sitting pretty when selling time comes around. 

  1. Location...what did you think after years of stating this feature, not once, not twice but three times, it would all of a sudden change...not a chance!  It's reiterated three times so you don't ever forget location is THE number one feature of a home.  If you don't get this one right you could miss out on a huge percentage of future buyers.  Golf frontage... is there a cart path right behind your home or do you have the attractive pond than golf views, both are golf frontage...one is irresistible!
  2. Minimum of 3 Full Bathrooms...There's something to be said for 3 full baths, i know, its been said enough times over my 15 years,  2,5 baths are a dime a dozen, a 3 full bath home standouts from the crowd.
  3. One Story home...This may not be an attractive feature up north but here in Florida having all that living square footage on the first floor is plus, plus.  
  4. 3 Car garage...Ok this one may be more of a challenge landing but if that 3 car home is in your sites, pay special attention.  Maybe it has to do with no garages in Florida or possibly a place to store all our summer toys, either way it's irresistible!
  5. 4 Bedroom is a must...sure a three bedroom home works for you but when you are ready to sell there will be a huge percentage of buyers that wont even see your listing.  Why? because their criteria is 4 plus bedroom!


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