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The FireFan Interactive Sports App Is The Hottest New Live Sport Game In Both The Apple & Google App Stores! Access code is "tony" for free play!!!! If you love sports, not just football, I mean ALL sports, you're going to love playing this new interactive sports app, live as your favorite teams are on the field or court! Did you grow up playing Madden Football, NASCAR Thunder or NCAA Football? Well the former senior creative art director who helped bring those games to number one in the history of console sports gaming is at it again. Only this time he and his team have created the best way to play on your mobile devices! Fire Fan  is going to change the way we interact with live sports forever! What Makes The FireFan Sports App Different From The Other Sport Games You Can Download Today?

• You play live as your favorite teams are on the court or field. • Starting with U.S. Football, MLS Soccer, International Soccer (Barclay Premier Soccer League, Germany Bundesliga Soccer League, France Ligue 1, Spanish LaLiga League, Italian Serie A League and all global sports including, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Table Tennis, Racing, Golf, Tennis and more, will be available as time goes on.

• Players can reach different Achievement Levels based on a point system that will allow them to earn rewards such as, Shirts, Hats, and other Team Swag, Gift Certificates, Electronics, Travel, Game Tickets, and even a Car!

• Play by yourself, with a group of friends, or join a league and compete against thousands of sports fans, live!

• Social Interaction -- Invite your friends to play along and chat within the app in real time with one another

. • Socialize with the stars! Fans can play with their heroes, retired and active pro athletes, celebrities, teams, leagues and more!

• Earn lifetime achievement awards by calling the plays in real time and earn points in every game.

• Fun for the entire family, this game is not gambling or Fantasy Sports related in any way. It's a better way to play!

   Just like most apps in the app stores, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans etc., FireFan offers several ways to play. You can download this new Sports Mobile App for FREE! On the official launch the game will be a Freemium model with In-App-purchasing and Advertising. Tokens are required when answering certain questions correctly for points that can be redeemed down the road for prizes. You  have the option to purchase  tokens now and soon you can also have the option to watch a 15 to 30 second advertisement to earn free tokens once we are out of beta testing!!!! Join me in a free game Sunday or monday durring the NFL game of your choice and see how this thing works!!! Over 1,000,000 download requests in 24 hrs so I think you may want to see this..lol.. Register Today For Your  FREE TOKENS TO PLAY THIS APP ---Players Rewards Code: tony  Go to https://www.firefan.com/?code=tony to register then just download the ap from google play or the Apple store......if you download first use access code " tony" to get your free tokens...hope to see you in the game!!! My teams live interactice sports app finally launched in beta on Thanksgiving Day so if your into BETA testing so..I want to ask you and your peeps to beta test my live interactive sports app and give me some feedback!!! As a fan and a sports enthusiast, I am personally inviting you to be one of the first million people to Beta test this free app.  You have to see how this thing works!!! If you think its not cool think about this...we we had over 1,000,000 download requests in the 1st 24 hrs!!! I have this link... my access code is:" tony "which will auto populate when you click on the link below Here's your link:  https://www.firefan.com/?code=tony  to register and then you can download it from the google play store or the Apple store depending on your mobile device..aka..phone... you must register first and then download for free!!!.... Make pre game predictions as well as in game predictions, talk trash to the other players all live while the game is playing streaming play by play into this app, you win points bragging rights, prizes like hats and shirts to cars and vacations and even cash!!! I hope to play you live during the next game this Thursday night!!!....After that I will be hosting every NFL game for you to BETA test. You will get free tokens as a BETA tester. You can share and play w friends and family for free for a week or 2 until we work the bugs out but last nights game played out great on this revolutionary app.....Basically the FaceBook of Sports!!! I need as much feed back as possible so yo can play in my leagues one which is the " NFL FANTASY LEAGUE " Warmest regards, Your Buddy in Sunny South Florida, Boca_Tony

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