The Trends Transforming Social Media in 2017

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The social media landscape is always changing. New trends seem to emerge as old ones fade into obsolescence.


That’s why now - more than ever - you need to stay on top of everything.


From capitalizing on emerging platforms to tapping into new trends, in today’s digital marketplace you need to stand out from the competition — and prove to your audience you know how to connect with them.


It might seem like a lot to take in.


But, not to fear I’ve rounded up a few of the most important trends that will dominate social media in 2017.


Read on and discover how you can meaningfully reach - and interact with - your audience — and convert them into clients.



The rise of private social media

(And why your customer/client service depends on it)


More and more, audiences are turning to private messaging apps over traditional social media platforms.


Think Facebook’s Messenger. Twitter’s Direct Messaging. LinkedIn’s inboxes.


For users, they offer a more intimate, personal and immediate experience - something largely lacking on more public channels.


But, more importantly, they also offer an opportunity for savvy businesses to revolutionize their customer service.


These platforms let you communicate one-on-one with your clients and prospects. You can


It’s the perfect opportunity for realtors to delve into an immediate, personal conversation that speaks directly to client and prospect needs.


It’s transforming client relations. And it’s time to take notice.

Trust is the next frontier


Audiences are inundated with information.


Completely overwhelmed with corporate messaging.


And they’re quickly learning to parse bland marketing messages from truly valuable social media posts.


That’s why we’ll see leading companies and influencers focused on establishing trust with their audiences in 2017.


When a consumer is confronted with tons of grabby, pushy sales messages, they seek refuge in content that can actually work for them.


For realtors, that means creating social content with lasting value for audiences. To differentiate yourself from the crowd, you need to present content that:

  • Informs

  • Educates

  • Entertains


It’s no easy task to undertake. Determining what your audience finds informative, educational and entertaining (while ensuring the content you’re publishing establishes yourself as a voice of authority on real estate) will require plenty of thought and research.


But it pays off.


A successful marketing strategy that appeals to these tenants will establish lasting relationships with your audience and help you convert at a higher rate.

Be the calm amidst the storm


It’s a somewhat surprising revelation.


But research has shown that social media users are increasingly seeking out calming, soothing content.


And it makes sense. In our stressful, always-connected world, people want to get away from it all online.


Offering your audience fewer, but higher-quality posts and content can help you distinguish yourself from the crowd and create lasting impressions with prospects.


No social media user wants to be inundated with marketing messages. They want high-quality content that speaks to their needs.


It’s time to ditch the constant barrage of posts — it just adds to the clutter and chaos your audience is already faced with.


Instead, aim for content that has a bigger impact.




What trends do you foresee dominating social media in the new year? Let me know in the comments!



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