She is almost retired!

Real Estate Agent with Tri-Cities Real Estate retired

Just under [rotest sent in my last realtor dues check.  I will never ever get over the fact that our association sold 

I will always resent the fact that while we pay for executives - well paid executives- and lobbyists _ dont mind them being well paid - we are expected to volunteer our time to do the actual work for no pay while working to pay our dues. 

Yes a year from now is my leaving date.... unless I happen to have a great big deal on the books.   HIghly unlikely.  I am amazed at the rapidity of my business decline.  It is according to plan - but still. 

I have become unable physically to do the showings etc that are necessary  - didnt plan for that to happen. But its all working out. 

The little things do matter IMMENSELY!   Just a couple of years of winding down , not advertising much notdoing all the little things to keep in my clients minds eye have taken me out of their consideration.  they look at me as an elderly  friend who helped them get started and helped their families.  They are grateful and you know thats good enough for me now. 

I have to say that even though the last few years I did it were tough physically, I did miss my annual calendar handout. 

I would start right after Christmas by going to the dollar store and buyer $1 gifts that were marked down to 25 cents.  I would buy 200 or so .  In Novemeber I would start handing them out along with my receipe calendars in person to my clients working town by town.  Cheap fun and rewarding in every way.  My cousin assistant Sandi Austin helped me with this. 

Sold my business share last February and am working just by referral with my partner Jake Beck and doing a few bpos.   it has been interesting to realize the amount of things I did as part owner rather than my role as agent . 

I wish you all a fun holiday season.   It will be a very fascinating upcoming year businesswise,  Our business is so subject to peoples instrinsic sense of confidence.  

one last note... I ask you all to confront prejudice whereever you see it..  andwe all have seen it.  The time to stand politley silent has past. 




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Kathy Judy
Tri-Cities Real Estate retired - Ontario, OR

sorry about the misspellings  i know better than to not proof read..



Dec 21, 2016 02:40 PM