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Real Estate Market Report

November by the Numbers

-Portland Area Months of Inventory:  1.8      
-Portland Area Avg. Sales Price:      $397,000
-YTD Average Sales Price increased:  11.7%
- Portland Area Closings decreased: 6.0% 
- Portland Area New listings decreased: 29%
- Average market time: 45 days

Source: RMLS
9 real estate trends to expect in 2017

Thinking about buying or selling a home next year?

No matter what your real estate goals, it's good to learn everything you can in order to make the best deal.

We asked Svenja Gudell, chief economist for Zillow, and Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for, what we can expect to see in the market next year.

While predicting how the real estate market will behave is never an exact science, this year could be especially difficult to predict, the experts said.

"I think at this point it will be a very interesting year as we see what President Trump will put into place as far as housing policies," Gudell said. He cited possible changes to affordable housing regulations, vouchers and how the Federal Housing Authority works during the Trump administration.

While some presidential policies are tough to foresee at this early stage, plenty of market trends for the new year are much clearer.

Click ahead for nine predictions about the real estate market in 2017.


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Rental News

Visionary Property Managers Anticipate Tomorrow's Rental Markets

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.” Most of us can remember this childhood poem which has important lessons and reminders. The winds of change are blowing powerfully since the results of the November 8, 2016 U.S. elections. As the financial markets adjust to the changes and uncertainties so will the housing and rental markets.

The rental markets have seen many consecutive years of growth and prosperity. I’m not suggesting that our industry is like “Humpty Dumpty,” but I want property managers to be prepared. First question: who will be tomorrow’s renters? According to The Zillow Group’s recent "Report on Consumer Housing Trends," the answers may surprise you.

A trend in motion is likely to stay in motion longer than expected. The Zillow study attempted “…to gain a comprehensive understanding of the United States residential real estate market. They “… employed independent market research to conduct a nationally representative, online quantitative survey.”

Some of the trends likely to endure and shape the future of the rental housing market are:

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December Homework

Check Electrical Outlets & Extension Cords

As the holidays are upon us, it is a great idea to walk through your house and inspect your electrical outlets and any extension cords you may be using. Make sure all outlets have the cover plate properly installed and that it is not broken. Check each outlet to make sure there are no burn marks or any evidence of fire, soot, or an electrical short. Make sure that outlets are not overloaded with too many cords or items plugged into them. Check the GFCI outlets in the house, typically they are in the bathrooms and kitchen. Push the "Test" button and "Reset" button, everything should operate correctly. Check all extension cords for damage and proper grounding. Make sure there are not too many linked together or too many plugged into one source. If you have any problems or need some help with anything, please give me call!


Christmas in the Garden

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Getting Involved with our Community

The mission of DONATION HOUSE is to create revenue and support for non-profit organizations that serve our communities and make a positive impact on people around the world. When a non-profit organization refers real estate business to a DONATION HOUSE business partner, they agree to return 10% of the proceeds back to the non-profit organization.

Recent contributions have been made to the following:

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For more information please visit: Sell a Home, Save a Child and Forward Edge International



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