7 Home Staging Tips You Don't Want To Forget

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The way your home is set up when potential buyers come to check it out is very important. It can make a difference in their decision to look closer and to consider buying or that the home isn’t right for them. Think about interior design so you can have it all in order before you put the home on the market. Doing so will help you sell your home in less time and to get the best price for it.

Remove Unnecessary Items

You don’t want your home to look cluttered when potential buyers show up. You may love your collectibles and all of your furniture, but to them it is just a messy. It can give the impression that the home isn’t large enough for all of your items, and they worry that could happen to them also. Go through each room of your home and remove items that aren’t necessary. Pack them away and label them in boxes and put them into storage or out in the garage.

When you remove many of your personal items including photos, they are more likely to look around longer. They will think about the home and what it can offer them. When they see too many of your personal items, it makes them feel like they are invading your space. Lee Kiseung, an interior designer from Lee Interiors at 250 Panet Road in Winnipeg MB, explained, "Take a step back and pretend you don't live there. Remove any unnecessary items and make the home look as clean as possible."

Organize Furniture

Take out any unnecessary furniture that is just decorative too. This is going to make each room in the home look spacious and open. That is very encouraging to someone looking to buy a home. When it comes to interior design, you don’t have to be an expert. Place the furniture in a manner that is appealing and organized.

Avoid the common habit of it always being against the walls too. Move them towards the center of the room and it will completely transform the entire layout! Identify a focal point for each room too so that their eyes will immediately go there when they enter that part of your home.


You may be used to the lighting in your home, but that doesn’t mean it is the most productive. It is a commonly overlooked part of staging any home. Potential buyers are going to check out the lighting. They are going to check for shadows and problem areas. You may need to change the watts of certain bulbs to give a room the proper lighting. You may need to add some stand up lamps.

For the bathroom and kitchen, consider LED strips along the baseboards. They are appealing and they offer light at night when those rooms are typically dark. Yet it isn’t a bright, over powering light when someone is making a nightly trip to the bathroom or to the refrigerator for a drink. They are simple to install and very inexpensive but they can be a lovely part of your home interior design that potential buyers find to be very attractive.

Fresh Paint

It doesn’t take much time or money to add some fresh paint to your home. Pick neutral colors that are easy on the eyes. You can go with plain white or something in a shade of tan or beige. Make sure you accent the trim with a color that offers some softness and beauty to it. When the home has fresh paint, it gives a feeling that is inviting and comfortable. Potential buyers will remember the positive emotions they felt as they explored the home.

Closets and Storage Space

Don’t be tempted to stuff items into your closet or storage areas to get them out of view. When someone is serious about buying your home, they want to look at the closet space and the storage areas. Make sure they are clean and organized. Take out the clothing you don’t wear or that is out of season and pack it away. This is also a great time to donate what you don’t need or don’t use.


You may wish you could change the interior design when it comes to your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets. It may not be cost effective to do so, but you can dress them up. Changing the knobs and handles on them can make a huge difference in their overall appearance. This is a simple change you can do on your own and it isn’t expensive either.

Pay Attention to Details

Fix the little things in your home so it is very appealing to potential buyers. Make sure the baseboards and trim are clean. Make sure your beds are made and bathrooms are very clean. You only have one chance for your home to make a fantastic impression on someone in the market to buy!

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