Chrysler's $2.99 Gas Guarantee

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The gist:

You choose between the gas card + $0-$3000 in rebates (depending on car) OR the standard rebates ranging from $0-$5500 (depending on car).

You get to keep the lease loyalty and any bonus rebates. And the employee or friend and family discount.

But, in the end most people will choose to save an extra $100 or so a month on their monthly payment with the standard rebate rather than get the gas card.

Cool thing about the card- You can use it for 3 years, so even if you get a 2 year lease, you'll still have the gas card for another year. Also, you can use it on whatever car you want, doesn't have to be on the car you got it with.

If gas climbs to:/ Annual savings:/ 3 Yr savings:
$3.50/gal / $361 / $1084
$3.75/ $538/ $1615
$4/ $715/ $2146
$4.25/ $892/ $2668

So, say you want a Ram. The rebate you give up is $5500 (about $175/month in rebates). But you get the gas card plus $3000 rebate. So, if gas goes up to $4.25, you may come out ahead by almost $200 in the end- if you get the gas card. *** BUT your monthly payment on the truck is about $175 more a month.

Anyway, hope the info is handy. Now, buy a car from me. I sell new or lease Dodges, and whatever we have in the Used lot @ Crestwood Dodge in Garden City. I sell houses AND cars. =)



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Jim & Maria Hart
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Wow, Maria. You sure do know the incentive rather well. Thanks for sharing. Jim
May 07, 2008 04:08 AM