5 New Year's Resolutions that will result in buying a home in 2017!

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1. Add It Up -- Take a moment to see where your money goes. Make a budget and look closely at your spending habits. Everyone has a secret splurge… Have you taken a moment to look at your coffee habit? Or those subscriptions you signed up for and never use?


2. Cut It Out -- Thought you’d never take Joey Gladstone seriously? Now is the time to start. Sit down and see what you can do without and start saving!


3. Think Positive -- It’s easier to save when you feel your dream is within your reach. Make a dream board so you can visualize your goals and make a list to start chipping away at overwhelming tasks. Call an agent and mortgage broker to see how close you are. Remember: Knowledge is power!


4. Take Time To Breathe -- When goals are overwhelming, we tend to discount them. Take a few minutes every day just to relax. Buying a home can be so stressful, staying calm can help you to enjoy the ride more!

5. Just do it! -- Don’t let fear keep you from realizing your goals!

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