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Loon Mountain, NH Events - Linwood Red Sox Spring Training!Loon Mountain, NH Events - Linwood Red Sox Spring Training!


First and foremost, please forgive any type-o's in this post. I'm not as well-rounded with the inner-workings of cyber-space as I'd hoped, and find my spell-check function isn't working as it should. Now, with that out of the way, let's PLAY BALL!



Mom's a big fan of the Billy Crystal movie "City Slickers", and especially likes to call on birthdays - at the precise moment of birth - and quote lines from the movie, just like his character's Mom did. She's also what I have come to refer to as our "Family Prophet", since she has an uncanny ability to forecast family events with an eerily-accurate record ... with one major exception.

Several years ago, I remember Mom forecasting that the "Born Dad" in the family would have lots of children. This article's author, by the way, is her only son. Although my life has been blessed in countless other ways, I'm afraid the "Family Prophet" struck out during this one particular time at-bat. As such, my beautiful wife and I have come to be known to many throughout our area as "Aunt Sally & Uncle Scotty".


Loon Mountain, NH Events - Linwood Red Sox Spring Training - May 06, 2008!Loon Mountain, NH Events - Linwood Red Sox Spring Training - May 06, 2008!Now, it's been years since I saw that movie, but a couple of the scenes had a lasting effect on my life. One of those included a dialogue between Billy's character and the shorter, more boisterous (sound like someone we know, Mom?) of his two friends. You remember, the guys who take him on his vacation Cattle Drive so he can "find his smile"? Well...


In that particular dialogue, he describes to Billy's character his "Best Day" and his "Worst Day". I believe that, in this particular character's case, those days were one-in-the-same. Yesterday, for me, was the Home Run of Best Days, and I just wanted to share it here...

Recently, a friend of mine named Mark made me one of those offers I simply couldn't refuse. This man, although already gainfully-employed, and a good supportive husband and father to his two sons, still finds time to pick-up a few, additional weekend hours during the summer. I first met Mark at the Lodge Resort just outside of Loon Mountain. He works for the HOA as their weekend Maint/Security man, whereas the team I represent handles Property Rentals and Sales under the same roof. Being well-over 6' tall, and considering my vertically-challenged stature, I commonly refer to my friend as our "Gentle Giant". Yesterday, my friend was responsible for my Best Day!


Loon Mountain, NH Events - Linwood Red Sox Spring Training - May 06, 2008!Loon Mountain, NH Events - Linwood Red Sox Spring Training - May 06, 2008!As an active part of the Loon Mountain communities of Lincoln and Woodstock, NH throughout his life, I had asked Mark long ago to allow me to "tag along" with him to any community events he might be involved with. As a result of my dual-position in both the rentals and sales with several of the Loon Mountain area's Vacation Condo Resort developments...


I am already familiar with a large percentage of our area's 2nd homeowners. Embarassingly-enough, however, I am nowhere near as familiar with several of my own, year-'round neighbors. Mark was gracious enough to invite me to not only attend one of his favorite springtime events w/his sons, but he extended to me the privilige and honor of taking on a participatory role. Early yesterday evening, I found myself at the Kancamagus Recreation Center here in Lincoln, NH helping to coach Mark's community baseball team ... the Linwood Red Sox!

This team, as I learned yesterday, is an incredibly-talented group of 9 and 10 year-old boys, and includes his sons Brandon and Andrew (hi guys and thanks!). The only stipulation Mark put on my posting a Blog about this event was that I mention his name, his team, his boys, and what an incredible coach they had! This stipulation was intended, of course, as a good-humored, tongue-in-cheek jab between friends. I figured I owed him anyway, so as they say in the big leagues...


Thanks again for my "Best Day" guys ... hope to make many more of your scrimmages/practices (pictured here) and some of the games too! Oh, and for my readers...

Yes, that really IS a huge pile of leftover snow pictured between the Basketball Court and the Baseball Field. Again, these pictures were all taken on Tuesday, 05/06th (yesterday) at the Kancamagus Recreaction Center in Lincoln, NH. Notice, however, that we're all out in T-Shirts, with many also wearing shorts, so spring really has arrived in the White Mountains of New Hampshire!

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Mark (#1 red sox coach)
Scott thank you for coming to our practice and even helping out. I allways need parents and friends to help out since I have 19 players this year.. Last year I had 22..
 Hopefully I can get you to come to a few more practices and even a game or two. you'll see how the kids improve as the summer goes by..
Take it easy
May 07, 2008 12:42 PM
Steve Loynd
Alpine Lakes Real Estate Inc., - Lincoln, NH
800-926-5653, White Mountains NH


Doesn't seem right that there is still snow on the fields, in Lincoln but when you have a record setinh snow year it shouldn't be a surprised see you at the KANC!

May 08, 2008 01:26 AM
Scott Mosher
Northstar Realty Sales - Lincoln, NH
Loon Mountain Real Estate, Lincoln & Woodstock NH
Thanks for dropping by Mark ... wouldn't miss it for the world! As a matter of fact, I've already gone out and gotten a new glove, so I'll be ready-n-rarin' to go at this week's practice!
May 08, 2008 01:51 PM
Scott Mosher
Northstar Realty Sales - Lincoln, NH
Loon Mountain Real Estate, Lincoln & Woodstock NH


Yeah, I know ... the snow seemed more than just a little out of place. As far as seeing me at the Kanc, I have no doubt that they'd welcome you at any time. Feel free to give me a holler, and I can let you know what their schedule is if you'd like.

Thanks for dropping by!


May 08, 2008 01:57 PM