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Poised Taupe...color of the year....

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Poised Taupe ....color of the year... brings back some great memories... flashback to the early 1990's...had decided that the living room needed some updating. Remember a faux finish technique called rag-roll? Much to my dismay I just couldn't master this...always start your #not sure how this is going to look# on a bottom corner of the wall for just in case. Being determined and disappointed, I went into a KMart looking for ideas. They had a great craft department. Somewhere between the craft section and paint section...I knew what I needed to create the look... IT WORKED... 
I thought it looked fabulous and friends were amazed at my technique. Started very early the next morning and at about 3:30 my son walks in and goes .... WOW ... does Dad what you are doing..my response was of course not...he watched me for a while then I heard him talking on the phone... Dad you are not going to believe what Mom is doing.... I know, but Dad but she is TAGGING the wall in the living room! Took 12 cans of TAUPE. Be inspired..be creative...it's only paint...but the memories last forever. 


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I love taupe and have it in my home... but this new shade of taupe they are touting as "color of the year" is just too "muddy" and tending to brownfor my taste. I prefer a tendency towards grey.

Jan 09, 2017 11:03 AM