5-Step Seller Survival Guide

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Are you upsizing, downsizing or relocating?

Whatever your reason is for moving out of your home, the challenge of selling it remains the same.


No matter how often you have done it before, putting your Mayfield Village OH home for sale can be strenuous.

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Just thinking about the amount of work that must be done to stage your home properly, to the weekend drives you have to do with the whole family so that the home is empty for open houses is enough to drive anyone crazy.


No wonder many people dread the thought of selling their homes.

Is there a way to make the whole home-selling process easier?


Yes, there is!


After years of dealing with stressed homeowners, I have figured out five ways to help you survive the home-selling process better.


These steps will allow you to manage your time better.


  1. Seek help from a professional real estate agent or a REALTOR ®  like me, Christine Pappas.  


You need all the help and sound advice you can get, and what better way to get it than from a professional who has been accumulating years of skills and experience in home selling.


Professionals like me can help you stage your home the best way possible without overspending on the renovation.


We can help you navigate the murky way of real estate technicalities that can be overwhelming to anyone who is not familiar with it.


Find me, and I can get your home ready and listed within your time frame. Visit my website www.ChristinePappas.com to find out some other tips and tricks on how you can get your home ready to sell.


  1. Get your documents ready


Your home may be ready for sale, but are your documents in order?


It is important that you get all the necessary papers in order so that just in case questions about the property comes up, you can present the important papers.


Some homeowners think that this task can be delayed because it is a simple matter of finding and compiling documents.


But the truth is, any paper related to your property must always be secured together and easily accessed to because you never know when you have to use it.


  1. Repair and replace.


Buyers want a turn-key home, something that is ready for move in.


Most potential buyers want Mayfield Village homes for sale that are well-maintained so that they would only have to do little to customize it.  

It means walking the path that a potential buyer would walk and checking the things they would see.


It means fixing even the small things like the jammed pantry door, the leaking sink in the kitchen, and the cracked grout in the shower.


It also means getting your carpets deep cleaned so there are no weird smells when buyers come to visit.


  1. Remember curb appeal and home staging.


Homes for Sale in Mayfield Village OH - Satisfy your longing for small-town lifestyle with the serenity of the homes for sale in Mayfield Village OH.


First impression is everything so you need to stage your home.


Staging does not mean decorating. On the contrary, staging means depersonalizing the home so it could look appealing to most buyers.


Remove any clutter you have at home.


Throw away anything that is broken or unused. Put your beloved collections in storage. Minimal decor is best if you want to showcase the space and design of your home.


Staging also means painting your home in a neutral color.


While you are in love with the turquoise color of your living room, the potential buyers may not so paint your home in a nice, fresh color.


Homes for sale in Mayfield Village OH have beautiful wide front lawns so use that. Enhance your home’s curb appeal by clearing any unwanted foliage on the front yard.


  1. Prioritize your kitchen.  


Homes in Mayfield Village OH - Live the life you long for in a home for sale in Mayfield Village.


Do you know that home buyers actually prefer homes that have upgraded granite or quartz counters and stainless steel appliances?


If you can, it would be nice to upgrade your kitchen because that would make your home stand out. A beautiful kitchen is a good selling point for many buyers so take the time to thoroughly clean the kitchen.


However, if your budget cannot afford it, then just make sure that the kitchen looks new and clean.


Selling your home does not need to be so stressful. When you follow the 5-step list, you can do it with minimal concerns and challenges.

Call me, Christine Pappas, at 216-956-7635. As a real estate expert, I can help you manage things easier by answering your concerns and taking care of real-estate related problems.Together, we can successfully sell your home.



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