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Winter update from Ithaca, NY - this is the only week so far that we've had "ICK" for weather.  But it's the real deal.  After work, I am hunkering down at home today.  No need to put anyone at risk.  I live on a nice big hill downtown.  So although it's very close to town, it's also quite treacherous when the weather turns icy...

Unless you have something like this!

Or maybe this?


I just took a land listing by phone and we discussed when to meet so that I could see this lovely parcel - it's 20.5 acres in Richford, with an old well and electric service deep into the middle of the lot.  Fortunately, the seller is okay with NOT meeting today!  We'll go see the place next Tuesday when things calm down.  But I might still use my Yak Tracks if anything is falling from the sky!

As for 2017 predictions...I am a Realtor, so obviously I am an OPTIMIST!  I preduct blue skys ahead, and a year with plenty of good work to do.  Let me know if I can help YOU with anything this year!

From "blechy skys Ithaca", this is Linda with THE SHORT REPORT by SANTOS!!  Happy 2017!

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We were quite cold here today and even had some snow during the morning

Jan 04, 2018 06:18 PM