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In this day and age where cell phones have camera and video capabilities why is it that so many listings have no photos or just one photo? 


In the 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers – page 6– NAR:

“For 44 percent of recent buyers, the first step that they took in the home buying process was to look online at properties for sale, while 17 percent of buyers first contacted a real estate agent”

“Among buyers who used the internet during their home search, 89 percent of buyers found photos and 85 percent found detailed information about properties for sale very useful.”


Even without this report we would have guessed almost half of our Buyers search online for potential properties before calling us. 


When we take a listing we are agreeing to represent our Seller and his property and do the best we can to get it sold.  By not taking pictures and posting we are only limiting our possibilities of finding a Buyer.  Of course if a Seller clearly states that he/she does not want pictures posted even after presenting them with research of how the pictures will help sell the property, we must follow their wishes. 


This is the age of the internet where we go to find everything, from groceries, clothing, vehicles, etc… why not a potential home. 


Please post pics of your properties even if you don’t or won’t hire a professional learn the basics on your cell phone and post pictures.    





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