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It’s amazing to me as I get ready to conduct a two-day intense business-building and planning mastery workshop and mastermind at no cost for real estate agents how many ignore the opportunity to do something different. Even though we created an easy to complete registration landing page and have marketed it through FB ads and email blasts and the audience we are going to serve is only 75 agents total we are still not sold out.



This isn’t a blog about our event and promoting what we are offering it is about people and mainly agents getting lost in the shuffle. It’s about how we keep doing the same things that lead us to produce the same results and reinforce the public's feelings and perceptions of our business.
In order for us to be thought of as more than salespeople, we must act and do business as more than sales people.


I read all day every day all these tag lines and sayings that we must provide unique value, our own value proposition and something to set us a part from the pack. Yet, when you go on to all the websites and review the marketing, we all keep doing the same.


We provide ads of all types that are telling the public we can offer them lists of properties that they would never have access to, or we are offering them access to the “Real MLS.”


Both of what I just mentioned guess what in today's online world of information at everyone's fingertips don’t mean as much and don’t pack the same punch as before.


What about what we all try to offer sellers? We offer home valuation pages and reasons why their home didn’t sell. Of course, most of those reasons boil down to being communicated as being the fault of the previous agent if we are talking to an expired and have to do with something they did or did not do to get the home sold.


Or we are explaining to the homeowner through our ads and scripts that they're crazy and it’s their asking price that is wrong.


I haven’t seen or heard of many if not any ads or scripts that talk about the homeowner or buyers goals and reasons not related to real estate.


We are all smart people; I mean real estate doesn’t take a rocket scientist, but it does take someone who is above average in smarts well at least I believe.
So why I ask myself aren’t our actions reflecting our intellect? I know the first thing most will probably say is why fix what's broken and why change what works?


Well, is it really working and is it not broken?
Let's review. We are now slaves to online portals that take property details from our MLS feeds and sell spots to market our listings with someone else's contact info on them.


Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that Zillow and are at fault. It’s the opposite they have given us the opportunity to beat a simple offering with little value. Yet, we don’t strive for that we settle and just pay the cost to join them.


I’m not saying don’t use these portals to get leads and advance your business but what I am saying is learn what their doing and offering and one up them. 

Offer so much more value that your prospects and clients themselves come to the realization that all they are, are websites that are static and that you are a living breathing professional providing value they can’t find anywhere else.



Is it true, can you provide things that are unique and not found anywhere else? Probably or probably not. However, that isn’t what matters. What matters is how you deliver what you do provide, who you provide it to and how you make them feel.


The one thing is service. We must provide such an amazing experience that cost becomes a non-issue. Your experience must be something your clients must talk about years after they had an interaction with you and your business.


I mean yes there are all kinds of coaches, programs, and gimmicks used in the real estate industry that call themselves VIP treatment and yes there are some agents killing it by providing VIP treatment, but the majority of our industry is providing coach experiences to all their clients.


It shouldn’t matter if it is a 50k sales price or a 50 million sales price. If you take the time to build a business that provides consistency throughout every aspect and part of your business, then the rollercoaster of ups and downs that most agents go through with their pipeline would get a lot less scary.


I know someone who is killing it generating business with pounding the pavement every day is probably going to say I don’t have those ups and downs I constantly have business. That's great but ask yourself how much of that repeat business, how many of your processes would survive without you and can you walk away from your business and just check on it every now and then and still get the same results you're getting when you're their full time?


Of course, no business is perfect. No one can figure it out once and forget it. We constantly have to be revamping and changing and growing. That again is why I’m shocked that we still have space for our workshop


Let's take the usual examples Mc Donalds and the Ritz Carlton. Both provide consistency but at different levels. Both have set their focus one their target audience and have built their business to serve their target audience. I mean they spend millions in data trying to find out everything about who would potentially be their customers and where should they have a presence and their results are killer.


What do we do? We select when picking a target audience, someone who wants to buy or sell real estate. Now the ones that are killing it go deep and specify exactly not only maybe the line of work they want their clients to be in or the reason why they want to buy or sell. Now that would be targeted marketing. However, the majority of us just select homeowner who’s owned for x amount of years and who lives or doesn’t live in their home depending on what your purpose is when marketing to them.


We have to go deeper. We have to learn more, and we have to make our initial offerings more.


Do I think it will be a hit right away if you start marketing differently than everyone else? Probably not. Do I believe that it will be worth it? See we need to stop chasing everyone who might be a potential to work with us and justwork with those who are a perfect fit for us.



This not only goes for our clients and prospects but also goes for our staff and agents. Everyone must be on the same page. I heard someone say that they don’t need to buy in they just need compliance. When I first heard that I thought it was such a right on a statement. Then I thought about things longer.


We actually need someone who has both for our businesses and processes if they're going to be a part of them. We need someone who has buy-in and believes what were doing and why we are doing it the way we do. We also need for them to comply and do it the way we want until they see why we do it the way we do so then they can self-realize the purpose and create buy in that then translate to enthusiasm.


I could go on and on but I won’t I’ll leave you with this thought, and I hope you really think about it and find it of value.


We are both blessed and cursed as small business owners. We are blessed because our budgets aren’t like some big old company that has to be met, we don’t have a board of directors to answer to, we can implement change quickly and as often as needed. Now we are cursed for the same exact reasons.


Being self-employed like you already know isn’t for the faint of heart, but we do it for what we dream it can be some day. So stop dreaming about some day and make that this year and this day.


Join us January 28 and January 29 at the Long Beach Hilton for a no cost two full day workshop and mastermind. Make a choice keep doing what everyone else does or create such a unique experience and offering that people seek you out to give you their business.


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