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There are times in real estate when you wonder why you do what you do. Then, there are gratifying times why you know exactly why you do it.

Yessica started her adventures in home buying on Zillow in October 2016. She already had hopes, and had saved up some money six months earlier. Her credit wasn’t perfect, but as a single mom, she was determined to get beyond living for two years in a cramped one bedroom apartment.

“I’d always wanted a home a home to give my kids space, and a yard to play in. There isn’t much we could do in an apartment. I was always shushing them, we couldn’t go out to play in summer because there was no play area. We couldn’t really fix it up, it wasn’t ours. A shared laundry was always a problem.” Her kids were squeezed into a tiny Minneapolis apartment, her daughter shared the one bedroom, her son slept on the sofa. That was a problem when people came over to visit, he couldn’t sleep.

Yessica and I met for coffee to make a plan. We strategized, I sent her to a lender, and set up an online auto search so she didn’t miss any new listings. At first she thought she’d have to wait for her credit to improve, but with a couple weeks she was approved. She and the kids set out to find a home that they could love. After a few showings we found an older home in St. Paul that was remodelled at a reasonable price, with a fabulous new kitchen, and in a neighbourhood she knew. It was close to her mom, the kids’ school, had a bedroom for each of them, but most of all, it was that kitchen that sold her. The kitchen in her apartment was tiny, and old. This one was huge with new white cabinets, granite counters, and new appliances. She couldn’t have been happier.

She closed on her new home just before Christmas, moved in, and put up a Christmas tree
the same night. She hasn’t taken it down yet. It means a lot to her. She said that at first she was nervous about paying the mortgage and the bills, but it’s hardly different than renting. It’s hers, and it’s worth it. Her kids can play, they can jump up and down, make noise, and play outside when the weather is good. Her son is so happy that he has his own room that he can decorate, and close the door.

“I can decorate how I want, and I’m leaving the Christmas tree up.” Even though they might need a little more furniture, the house is full of joy, and family. Home is more than 4 walls, it is a place to call your own. In the beginning Yessica was afraid that she couldn’t afford a home. She had saved for a down payment, but her concern was about keeping up every month. She was surprised at how much paperwork there was, and how long the process took. She expected to write an offer and move in. There was more to it that she learned along the way.

My contract as a Realtor requires that I guide a client through to closing, but it doesn’t end there. I’m truly delighted when they are happy and grow into their new home. That’s what it’s about.


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