Homes Around Ivy City - Washington, DC

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Homes Around Ivy City - Washington, DC

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Why Do People Live here?

Ivy City has been dubbed as the 'next big thing' in the District. It's already the home to a number of really cool distilleries, breweries and restaurants, and will soon become home to a number of condos and luxury apartments. Every time you drive down New York Avenue, you can see how things continue to progress as local establishments start to find their footholds.

Looking for a home in Ivy City?

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What's the Neighborhood Like?

If there are two words to describe Ivy City, they would be "under construction." It's readily apparent to anyone that goes by that there are some big plans in the works for this small but mighty neighborhood. A lot of it started off with the introduction of local breweries, which led to the introduction of MOM's Organic Market and the Nike store. Then came an onslaught of some trendy places to eat and drink. It's absolutely worth checking out on a Saturday night with your friends.

Ivy City

What's Going on Nearby the Ivy City Neighborhood?

  • Favorite Restaurants: Ivy City Smokehouse, Ari's Diner, Pidzza and La Puerta Verde.
  • Neighborhood Amenities: MOM's Organic Market and the Nike Store.
  • Best Time to Go: It's tons on fun to go brewery and distillery hoping on the weekend. 


Now You Really Want to Find a Home Here, Right?

If you are interested in the current homes for sale in Ivy City Neighborhood click on the link. Our 'for sale' property information is a direct feed from the DC MLS and is updated hourly.


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