Juan Diego Catholic High School~ Open House~ January 29, 2017

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Do you live in Utah?  Are you moving to Utah?  Do you have a student in High School?  A middle school student who will soon be entering high school? If you live in the Salt Lake/ Northern Utah Valley area I would highly recommend you check out Juan Diego as an option.

They are holding an Open House 

When: January 29th, 2017.  

Time:  12:30- 3 pm

Location:  300 East 11800 South, Draper UT 84020



Juan Diego is a private high school located in Draper Utah.  The high school offers an amazing curriculum with plenty of options based on your students wants and needs.

While other school struggle to offer both arts and academics, Juan Diego has found a way to offer it all. One difference from other schools in the area are the class periods, small class sizes and how they run their schedule. Their unique schedule with A,B,C and D days allows the students to fit more classes into their class schedules.  The class times and changing schedule also give students variety in their day which helps combat boredom.  Teachers also benefit from students who are more focused and open to learning.


The academic classes at Juan Diego are held to a high standard. They have a high level of students taking AP classes and Passing the AP exams.  Being a smart student is encouraged by the students and not made fun of.  This is huge!  Its hard enough being a teenager but to know you are attending a school where you are encouraged to be yourself and not be made fun of it is something that many students never get to experience.  Whether you are in the band, performing in the plays or playing football the students are behind you and supportive.

Another item that stuck out to me when I was deciding where to send my kids for school was the amount of scholarships offered to the seniors graduating every year from Juan Diego.  It is staggering.  I know from personal experience that my son benefited greatly from attending Juan Diego.


He transferred to Juan Diego as a Freshman. While at Juan Diego he took numerous honor and AP classes while enjoying extracurricular activities and working.  When he graduated from Juan Diego he was only 3 classes short of his associates degree.   He also received a lot of money in scholarships from various schools across the country.  He was pleased to have a lot of options on where he could attend college.  All of this was because of the foundation and guidance Juan Diego gave him.

Another bonus of Juan Diego is the counseling staff.   If your student is having problems, socially or academically.... they are there for you and your student. I can not say enough about the staff. I am forever grateful for everything they have done for my family.   Their doors are always open and that is something that is hard to find.


The teachers and the counselors are dedicated to making sure that every one succeeds and achieves everything they want to achieve.  As a parent, the whole process from Freshman year until they graduate was easy.  Juan Diego and everyone who works at the school was helpful, informative and there for you every step of the way.  

Juan Diego also encourages volunteering.  Students are required to put in volunteer hours every year.  Seniors dedicate a week of their senior year to a senior service project.  The program is new to the school, but already incredibly successful.  Another program that is open to Juniors is called Kairos.  It is a retreat that I would recommend every student attends.


Juan Diego is a Catholic High School.  With that being said many are surprised that the student body is made of a good mix of all religions.   You do not have to be Catholic to attend the school.  I can not stress that enough, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.   I have had one child graduate from Juan Diego and have another student who is currently a Sophomore at the school.  My daughter is the opposite of my son at what academics she excels at.  As a parent, it has been one of the best choices I have ever made for my kids.   We are extremely please with all aspects of the school.  It's a beautiful campus that offers a little bit of everything to the students that attend.


Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about Juan Diego or moving to Utah.  I would love to help.  To find out more about the school you can also go to the website  www.jdchs.org  or look up JDCHS on twitter, FB, Instagram etc.  

@JDCHS #ExploreJuanDiego &  www.jdchs.org 

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