Knowledge is Power With an Advance Inspection

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The advance home inspection process in Austin plays a pivotal role to both seller and buyer. Correcting problems at an early stage increases a home's appeal — and its selling price. An advance inspection also sets the stage for a favorable final inspection report for the buyer (and the buyer’s lender), expediting a sale.

Yet according to home inspection experts, approximately half the homes on the resale market today have at least one significant defect! Advance knowledge of imperfections or malfunctioning systems in a property helps buyers commit if the house is a worthwhile buy. And knowing trouble spots in advance helps a seller set an attractive price.   

 Whether you are buying or selling, here are a few tips to help you have a trouble-free final inspection this spring:

Minimum scope for a home inspection in Austin should include roof, plumbing, foundation, electrical wiring and central heating and/or air-conditioning. Except under special circumstances (those would include REO or estate sales), sellers are uniformly required to provide disclosure information about the property. Present these disclosures to your inspector, so he can double-check known issues first, and go over them with you during the inspection.

A pest control inspector is sometimes considered optional, but is really highly recommended. This inspector makes a specialized report for any areas infested with pests that could damage the home. Even if the home looks terrific and was recently serviced, underlying pest issues can be some of the most expensive to correct. They can derail a loan in no time.

Mold, asbestos, radon and other potentially harmful substances are not always included in a home inspection: they require a specialized license. If you are concerned about these elements, or live in a neighborhood where they are known to be a problem – consider adding additional inspections.  

Knowledge is power when it comes to home inspections in Austin: the more you know in advance, the stronger your negotiating position will be. If you are preparing to buy or sell in the area this spring, give a call! I’m here to protect and advise my clients every step of the way.


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Troy A. Brown
HomeSmart Professionals - Show Low, AZ
REALTOR | Author | Team Leader and Former Broker.

That's a great point Carol.  In Arizona our Contracts keep changing and with the new TRID guidelines it's dragging our deals out to 45 and 60 days.  It would be a very good idea to do pre-inspections as you've suggested.  Thanks.

Jan 24, 2017 03:28 PM