So.. What's stopping you from buying?

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Gosh Darn.

So many people still looking at homes, and yet, no one is pulling their hands out of their pockets!  I get calls all day... from other realtors showing my listings and buyers that want to preview homes.

Gas Prices, Food prices, War, Election time, Kids at school, Car payments.. are the most common excuse for not going through with the transaction, but yet... People pay rent for what?  A safe place to live and a roof over their head.  That money goes to the landlords mortgage and NOTHING goes to tenant other than shelter.  AND the SAME factors that prevent people from buying do not prevent them from paying rent.

BUT, buy a home and you get the same shelter and maybe equity for the LONG term.  A yard for your dog, and space for your grill, AND more importantly... a place that you can call YOURS.

Low interest rates and a need for housing still drives the market place.  As peoples lives change they buy or sell homes.  It's a fact.  And the only way to make money is by taking that chance. What do I mean?  If you pay rent, nothing happens to your money. If you buy, regardless of what the market does, you still have a house, and if the market goes up.. you make money!

"But the market is still dropping and I don't want to lose money".

Sorry.  Real Estate is always going to be somewhat cyclical, but Rent.. well, that always gets thrown into the wind because you will NOT see any of it the following month.

So, take the plunge and go look at a home!  There are so many great homes on the market waiting for YOU to make an offer. 

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This is so true Manuel. This can be a great letter to mail to renters. People need to see how many thousands of dollars they have given away to their landlords over the years to see the big picture to know that real estate is the best sound investment that they will ever make. Great post.

May 07, 2008 03:51 PM
Sharona Hannuka
Du Rite Realty, Co. - Whitestone, NY

  Hi Manuel,

 you are right,but The buyers do not have ears and if you start teaching them the fact that you are better off buying they would come up with the excuse of * we don't have the down payment*. I have these buyers who are a family of 4. They are ready to pay $2500 for 3 bedroom rental. I told them  that they were out of their mind, thay can buy a condo with this money..... *we don't have yje down payment*

 Grreat post ...good point... whose to listen


May 07, 2008 04:09 PM