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We all know the real estate market is slow today, so when we get a qualified buyer, sometimes we get too excited.  Well, this happened to me.  Here I am, driving my customer all over Fort Lauderdale hoping to find a home which he will fall in love with and put in an offer.  What happens next was awful.  I look in the rear view mirror and all I see is blue lights.  Yes....Officer Williams pulled me over for speeding.  I guess he doesn't like realtors because all the pleading and begging in the world didn't keep him from giving me a ticket. 

The last thing any realtor needs is an added expense and an increase in their auto insurance.  So I went online and looked for a Driving school that was not too expensive and would remove the points on my license that Officer Williams so happily gave me.

I found A Champion Driving School.  I called and spoke to a lovely lady name Andrea and she gave me all the information I needed.  They were conveniently located in Lauderhill at the corner of Oakland and Inverarry, next to the DMV. 

I went to A Champion Driving School and took a 4 hour class.  The cost was only $40.00 and it removed the points that my new friend Officer Williams gave me.  This was the best money I ever spent.  The $40.00 that I spent probably saved me $200.00 on my next insurance bill. 

I could have even spent less if I opted to take the class online which only costs $28.95, but then I wouldn't have been able to meet all the wonderful people at A Champion Driving School

So my recommendation is this...if you ever get a speeding ticket, contact A Champion Driving School and get your points taken off of your license. 

Other classes offered at A Champion Driving School are:

Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Driver improvement classes

Drug & Alcohol Class

Aggressive Driver Program

Traffic collision avoidance course

Revoked/Suspended License class

Their phone number is  954-742-7855 or just visit them at their website  at www.achampiondrivingschool.com.


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Aug 01, 2008 02:46 AM

I can't believe you could't charm your way out of the ticket

Nov 10, 2008 08:23 AM