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Sometimes it takes a little effort and creativity to get a job done. A few years back I had a listing which would not sell. The home was a modest property in a working class area in Phoenix. For the most part the homes were well kept and family oriented, however there was one home that was somewhat of a blight on the neighborhood. When I inquired with the home owner about their neighbor it was an elderly lady who just had let the home fall into some minor disrepair over the many years of living there.

I knocked on her door and introduced myself and asked if she would mind if I had my landscaper clean her yard and my handyman make some minor repairs, I would gladly pay for these items for her. She reluctantly agreed and I hired my landscaper and a local handyman, investing about $250 into her home.

Weeks later, the property I had listed sold. While I can't be sure if my efforts sold the home or not, I know that two things happened for sure, I made two lifelong clients for $250 and I felt pretty good helping someone.

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