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Bathroom Remodeling Options: The 3 Big Options, Explained.

Industry Observer with Spectrum Communications

When you’re moving into a new house, one of the first things that homeowners tend to redo is the bathroom. Everyone has a different sense of style, and the fashions change regularly so that an outdated look can really dampen your enjoyment of the space. After all, you want your bathroom to be your spa at home, so you should happy and comfortable with how it looks.

We asked the Denver bath remodeling experts over at BathPlanet to break down your options for refreshing your bathroom: here is what they recommend!

1) Bath Liner

A bath liner goes over the top of your existing bathtub, completely covering it and giving the appearance of a brand new tub. The best manufacturers provide their installers with the proper training and materials to ensure a perfect fit, so that you would never guess that it wasn’t a wholly new bathroom.

Homeowners often opt for BathPlanet products because of their affordability, and the sheer convenience in finishing the project in 1-2 days. That’s so little down-time for such a big upgrade!

2) Full Remodel

Have you ever felt the urge to just pull a room out of your house and start from scratch? That’s what full-service bathroom remodelers do! You can totally re-work the space, moving the bathtub, changing its layout, or adding fancy hardware like a steam shower into the space. It’s expensive and it’s time consuming, but when you want it to be up to your exacting specifications, this is the route for you.

A full bathroom remodel, with luxurious shower and bathtub.

3) Accessibility Remodel

More and more people are opting to stay at home into retirement. And why not? With modern safety technology, independent living has never been easier or more secure. Your bathroom is one space that you will need to think about. Walk-In tubs are a safe way to enjoy your space well into your golden years. With all the modern conveniences of jetted tubs and aromatherapy features, they’re a blast to use, too!

There you have it, the three big ways that people freshen up and make their mark on their bathroom space. You deserve to be happy and comfy in your new home, and a remodeled bathroom is one great way to make that happen. Now you should have a little more info to bring in to your bathroom remodeler, to help make that vision a reality!