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4 Tips for Moving Your Car

Industry Observer with Spectrum Communications

Moving long distance can be a daunting process. Between getting your utilities transferred, packing your things, and getting your kids ready for new schools, it’s a tall order! The last thing you want to be worried about is getting your car to the destination intact.

The good news is that there are professionals to do this for you – movers will happily arrange to get your car where it’s going, so that you don’t have to tack a big roadtrip onto an already packed schedule.

Here are 4 quick tips from the nation’s experts on car hauler trailers.

1) Unload your car.

Getting your car onto the car hauler is a delicate process. Make it as easy (and as safe!) as possible by emptying all of your personal things out of the car.

2) Inflate the tires.

Flats happen. But you definitely do not want a flat while your car is in transit! A flat tire can unbalance the trailer, meaning that the moving team will need to pull over and fix it, delaying you and your car from being reunited. Top off on air before the big day to ensure that you are safe!

3) Take pictures first.

No one likes to think of their car being damaged, but accidents happen. Take pictures before you turn your car over to the mvoers, in case it shows up with an unexpected ding or scratch at your new home! You can show this to insurance, meaning that you are covered in the case of emergency.

4) Tops up!

Are you driving a convertible? You lucky dog! Well make sure that you protect your baby by fully sealing up the top. Sometimes, people miss small tears in the convertible top, which can let in moisture. Double check to make sure that you get your treasured ride back in top condition!

So there you have it! The four tips you need to ship your car, saving you the big headache of coordinating a car move and a household move on the same day. Hope you found this useful!

Gloria Valvasori, Accredited Senior Agent
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I used to work for a man who lived in both Canada and Florida and I shipped his car for him many times.  I used an enclosed transport trailer specifically for shipping vehicles.

Jan 31, 2017 03:44 PM
Spectrum Communications

Makes the move so much easier, right?

Enclosed trailers are definitely the way to go, all of the movers I know use them as well. Keeps your car from being scratched and dinged in transit.

Jan 31, 2017 03:46 PM
Eddie Dussault
CTT - Panama City, FL

As per my views enclosed mode of transportation is the best way to securely get the vehicle moved to the target location without any damage, as it provides the full coverage to the vehicle.  For this, one needs to make some efforts in finding the trustworthy and worth hiring a car transport service. Stepping ahead and looking for some genuine team like car transport Norwalk which is moderated by Connecticut Auto Transporter team can help in the safe shipment of an automobile. Selecting the right transportation team is an important step if one wants to get their car moved safely.

Nov 10, 2018 01:17 AM