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Spring is just around the corner and in some places like Phoenix it may seem like it has already arrived. We have had a very pleasurable week regarding temperatures. Many people are getting out and about more and the days seem to be getting longer with light! While you may not want to jump into planting or trimming just yet in case we get any more below freezing nights... consider what your options will be if you are looking to spruce up your color. Whether you are considering selling your home, or you just want to enhance your current curb appeal. 

Grass, trees, shrubs and plants that are native to your area, will require the least amount of maintenance. They will attract local insects and colorful birds and butterflies that will fertilize and pollinate without the use of chemical fertilizers that non-indigenous plants would require. Are you on a budget? A little color can do wonders. Add a little color by changing up your flowers whether in beds or pots with those which are seasonal. Check online or with your local nursery to find out which plants are best for your area, climate and soil.

Simply replacing your old coach lights with new ones can spruce up the front of your home. Remember that LED bulbs although a somewhat pricey investment ($5-$30 per bulb) can last longer, provide less heat and you even have the option to control them with your smartphone. Some of these bulbs can have a life of up to 20 years before fully burning out; this technology allows them to get dimmer over time verses just losing light altogether.

In the Arizona sun depending on which way your home faces, you are looking to probably want to add a fresh coat of paint every 8-10 years. Fixing any stucco cracks or peeling paint can do wonders as well. Don’t forget you can replace water damaged boards with new ones and a fresh coat of paint to possibly avoid termites that tend to gravitate toward rotting wood. Replacing a few boards and repainting house trim can also freshen up a home’s look. Painting the trim around your front door, or even repainting your front door may add just a touch of vibrancy to the outside of your home.

Adding decking or patio cover can also add appeal to your home. If you have a small space or courtyard in front you can get a variety of surfaces to fit your budget and style, from pavers or stones to manufactured woods, tile or gravel. Do some measurements and research- watch some DYI videos or talk to a local contractor/landscaper who can install. Create a space that is just right for your lifestyle and needs. Look for close outs on outdoor furniture or floor model sales. Can’t afford new furniture? Liven up your living space with new bright colored or decorative cushions. If you sew, buy some inexpensive bright colored outdoor material and cover your existing chair pads that might be dingy and dull.

Do you have backyard or RV gate with wooden slats? Are they looking a pretty shabby? You can consider replacing them with a longer lasting manufactured wood or considering removing them and staining or varnishing them to look new again.

There are kits you can buy at the hardware store of your choice where you can fix cracks, stain and paint your concrete walkways, porches and steps. This will add a little color and shine to your curb appeal.

Landscaping can be a great return on investment. Various reports in magazines and on the internet claim up to 20% more for your home verses those that have no or poorly landscaped yards. If you are not buying or selling it may just give you a new confidence that you are still happy in your current home without the expense of moving for that change you may be looking for.

Remember pay attention to detail; fresh, clean and tidy areas allow for better curb appeal than cluttered, cracked or poorly maintained landscaped yard. Don’t forget if you are part of a home owner’s association refer to your design guidelines if you will need to submit any changes before making them to avoid any costly or unnecessary fines down the road after your hard work has been completed.

Happy Landscaping…

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