5 Common Mistakes Measuring Sq. Foot Living Area of Baton Rouge Homes

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Square Foot Living Area is a measurement of a home often used by appraisers as a guide to establishing value of that home in a appraisal.   In some parts of the country this value is more critical than in other parts which rely more heavily on total area measurements.  In the Baton Rouge and Northshore New Orleans areas the square foot living area is a very improtant in determing market value.

In this video you will learn about  5 Common Mistakes that Homeowners and even some Realtors make in measuring and calculating Square Foot Living Area of  a Home. 

  1. Measuing the inside walls instead of measuring the external perimeter walls of a home
  2. Not following the FHA 5-foot sloped ceiling rule in calculations in 2nd and 3rd floor areas
  3. Not subtracting for openings in 2nd story areas
  4. Not accounting for above and below grade floor areas in the home
  5. Counting Finished Areas not Connected as Living Area


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5 Mistakes Measuring Sq.Foot Living Area



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