Pittsburgh Packing and Moving Needn’t be a Nightmare

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When you first contemplate packing and moving to or from Pittsburgh, it’s advisable to take a deep breath first, then close your eyes and mentally recall the best, most positive moments from past moves.

Okay, if there aren’t any of those, try thinking of some bracing truism like “This, too, shall pass” or “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” Realistically, the packing and moving will be over before you know it. Those visions of jackknifed moving vans and your good china strewn across the Interstate…they’re NOT going to happen!

Not only that, but you can do some painless preparation for the move, whether or not you decide to go with one of Pittsburgh’s professional movers which I highly recommend. Especially one of my friends, Mark Tabacca at Central Van and Storage.

Here are some reminder do’s and dont's. Let’s take the dont's first:


  • Don’t procrastinate if there is any possibility that you will be using professional movers. The best movers can be booked up months in advance, especially if you think you’ll be moving near the end of the month. Get on-site written estimates, of course.
  • Don’t water plants for a couple of days before the move.
  • Don’t buy just one black marker. You WILL set it down somewhere and lose it as soon as the packing gets ferocious (which is when you most need to mark the cartons with where they’re going).
  • Don’t move boxes you haven’t opened since your last move!
  • Take out the measuring tape and determine the dimensions of the destination areas meant to house your furniture. You can avoid going to the trouble and expense of moving furniture that’s too large to fit…(think of it as garage sale fodder).
  • Start collecting cardboard boxes early. All sizes come in handy. There can’t be too many of the small boxes for fragile items: well bubble-wrapped, they’ll fit inside the larger ones.
  • Leave folded clothing inside dresser drawers. You can move the drawers separately if they make the whole thing too heavy (professionals will just pick up the whole thing).
  • Take your time when it comes to unpacking. This can actually be quite fun to do: to arrange things exactly as you want them to be in your new place! Remember these moments, so the next time, you’ll be able to close your eyes and mentally recall the best, most positive, etc.

…and my favorite:


Some people do put off hunting for a new Pittsburgh home because of the dreaded packing and moving that goes along with a change of digs. But if your family’s lifestyle has outgrown your current residence, most of the trauma of moving can be avoided by a little pre-move organization. I help with more than just buying and selling: my Pittsburgh real estate clients are able to count on my assistance in all aspects of the process, every step of the way! I can introduce you to many great people that I have worked with personally and professionally. Call me anytime at 724-554-3514.

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Nathan Gesner
American West Realty and Management - Cody, WY
Broker / Property Manager

One of my favorites: get rid of all that junk you've been sitting on for the past 10 years! Seriously, do we need six mixing bowls when we only use them once a month? ;)

Feb 06, 2017 08:11 PM