I Love North Camellia Acres!

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I want to start ncaby saying I LOVE MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I am fortunate to live in the neighborhood for the last 11 years where I was raised. I have fond memories of just going outside to play in my neighborhood, that's what we did back then. As a child I was safe in my little cocoon of a neighborhood, riding my bike, skating with those old metal skates that you needed a skate key to adjust them to fit, that's right a skate key. North Camellia Acres is a older little area in Norfolk very middle class built in the fifties, but oh what a little jewel. My house is on a small subsidiary of the Chesapeake Bay, like many of the streets in this neighborhood. I spent most of my life on this water. My parents lived here on the water as well as my grandparents when they were alive. We fished & crabbed went water skiing on Pretty Lake. What a wonderful life we had in this neighborhood & I'm lucky enough to still live that life. Over the years things started changing as they do in most older middle class neighborhoods. But something wonderful happened close to North Camellia Acres, along came East Beach, well when that happen the state decided to invest money in North Camellia Acres they contributed allot of money to dredge our canals as well as Pretty Lake. The city built a new higher bridge going into Ocean View they finally realized the valuable property Norfolk has on the North side. Now North Camellia Acres is moving up, houses now sell between $200,000 to $500,00. Wow I wish my Mom & Grandparents had lived to see this.
It's good to see this small fifties neighborhood progressing where young families are moving in & again on Halloween night the streets are filled with children going door to door with their treat bags brimming over with candy like it was when I was a child back in the fifties.

Sharon Kinnaird

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Tina Merritt
Nest Realty - Blacksburg, VA
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Great post, Sharon!  I love North Camellia Acres too!  What a great place to grow up!

Tina in Virginia

May 08, 2008 05:40 AM