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I was raised behind the Iron Curtain, under a Totalitarian Regime.   We had two TV Stations and a few newspapers, but we knew that it was all propaganda.   Here in the United States, we have thousands of TV stations and publications, but over 90% of them are owned by only 6 corporations.  The only real difference between the two scenarios, is that back behind the Iron Curtain, we knew we were being propagandized...

I will attempt to bring you information you won't find in the corporate media.   This is the first of my bi-weekly "News You Won't Find In The News" Blog.    I hope you'll find it intriguing!


Tennessee Bill Would Help Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Currency

Bills filed in the Tennessee House and Senate would exempt gold and silver bullion and coins from sales tax, encouraging their use and taking the first step toward breaking the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.  



The New Travel Ban You Didn’t Hear About Is Against U.S. Citizens
As emotions intensify over Trump’s recent immigration ban, the State Department and IRS have quietly used it as a smokescreen to roll out a new policy that targets U.S. citizens for unpaid taxes.

The passports of these individuals can now be revoked and their citizenship status undermined at the behest of one of the government’s most corrupt agencies. By granting the Internal Revenue Service control over passports, due process has been significantly undermined. The shield of protection that U.S. citizenship used to represent has transformed into an inescapable brand of ownership. The desperate financial condition of the federal government will only worsen in the future, forcing it to further consume its own people’s wealth in order to survive.



As part of continued a NATO build-up and US efforts to counter an alleged Russian threat, US military hardware, including M1A2 Abrams battle tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles have arrived in the northern Estonian town of Tapa, shortly after similar deployments were made to other Eastern European nations including Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany.  




It's unclear how many Americans are under surveillance by the FBI. Not only would the agency be extremely unwilling to even provide a broad estimate, but the underlying basis for a preliminary investigation is so thin it could conceivably cover a majority of US residents. A previously-classified document [pdf] obtained by The Intercept gives more insight into the FBI's use of "assessments" -- an investigation the agency doesn't consider an investigation.  




 Highest Radiation Level At Fukushima Now Dwarfs That At Chernobyl

 The highest radiation levels ever measured at Chernobyl were 300 sieverts per hour … an incomprehensibly high dose which can kill a man almost instantly.

To put this in perspective, radiation is usually measured in thousandths of a sievert, called millisieverts. For example, most people receive around 2.4 millisieverts per year from background radiation, or only 0.0002739726 per hour.

But a radiation level of 530 sieverts per hour has just been measured at Fukushima’s number 2 reactor.

This new record at Fukushima is 70% higher than that of Chernobyl. (The highest level previously measured at Fukushima was 73 sieverts per hour, in March 2012.) 


The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It
While the nation’s attention is on our extreme EO, slip a few more nuanced moves through. For example, reconfigure the National Security Council so that it’s led by our inner circle. Or gut the State Department’s ability to resist more extreme moves. That will have massive benefits down the road — the NSC are the folks that authorize secret assassinations against enemies of the state, including American citizens. Almost nobody has time to analyze that move closely, and those that do can’t get coverage.


Federal Judge Just Struck Major Blow Against Two-Party System: Media Silent
Last week, a federal judge provided a long overdue victory for alternative political parties in the United States. The ruling found the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the institution that oversees the Commission on Presidential Debates, failed to sufficiently examine evidence challenging two-party dominance in national debates.  The judge asserted there was no evidence “that the FEC considered the relevant factors or took a hard look at the evidence.”

The ruling, issued in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, focused on a 2014 complaint regarding the 2012 election filed by the non-profit organization Level the Playing Field. It also focused on objections from the Green Party and Libertarian Party (which were dismissed by a federal judge last year). 

Utah pushes bill that will allow gold and silver to become legal tender, bypassing the Fed Dollar

Facebook Launches Fake News Filter in France Ahead of Presidential Elections 


Civil “Asset Forfeiture” is Stealing. And it Must be  Stopped 

VIZIO To Pay $2.2 Million For Collecting Viewing Histories On 11 Million Smart Televisions Without Users’ Consent    

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Mirela Monte
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My next several posts will be about Real Estate, I promise!  :)

I have lots and lots of wonderful information, pictures and videos from Sunny Myrtle Beach.

Feb 10, 2017 05:48 PM
Sondra Meyer:

Look forward to seeing those too. :) 

Feb 10, 2017 05:52 PM
Sondra Meyer:
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Mirela,  I almost choked when I read, "The only real difference between the two scenarios, is that back behind the Iron Curtain, we knew we were being propagandized..."   

I am certain that is a correct statement.  

The problem with such a long list of stories is that I don't have time to really research them all myself.  lol  I really hope that some of those on your list are NOT completely true.  

I no longer believe everything I read even when it attempts to cite the source of data.  I find myself spending hours investigating as many sources as possible to determine the validity of a story that I find interesting.    


p.s.  Have a great weekend. 

Feb 10, 2017 05:52 PM
Mirela Monte

If you click on each title, it will take you to the story on the independent media website it originally appeared on.  

Each reader will be drawn to particular stories.  Some may read only a few, others will savor them all.  

I've culled stories from reputable independent media sources.  The videos are from outstanding independent journalists I follow on YouTube:  Corbett Report, X22 Report, Truthstream Media, Boiling Frogs Post.

My hope is that my readers will be exposed to news sources they have never heard about and then glean their information from there in the future.

I've had a rather scant presence here on AR, due to my involvement in news and politics in the past several years.   I've missed this community and decided to maintain a more regular presence here and promised myself to at least indulge in that which I am so passionate about, at least occasionally.

Feb 10, 2017 06:14 PM
Joan Cox
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Mirela, we do definitely wonder if the media is sharing the true facts!

Feb 10, 2017 06:11 PM
Mirela Monte

The more you dig, the more you realize they hide from us...

Feb 10, 2017 07:25 PM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

Mirela, one of my best friends also grew up behind the iron curtain.  She is also very obsessed with the news.  Each morning for the past decade or more, I wake up to several emails from her with stories from a wide variety of news sources. It's kind of like waking up to an intelligence briefing.  Without her, I wouldn't know half what I do about what is going on in the world!

Feb 10, 2017 07:04 PM
Mirela Monte

I had a big smile on my face reading this:

"It's kind of like waking up to an intelligence briefing."

I hope you enjoy the posts here and hope you'll visit again.  Your friend might also enjoy this post.


Feb 10, 2017 07:24 PM
Eva B. Liland Century 21 Doug Anderson
Century 21 Doug Anderson - Lancaster, CA
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It does not matter what country you live in, "news" today as well as before, are designed to fit its purpose. I always take everything with a grain of salt.

Feb 10, 2017 07:33 PM
Mirela Monte

As you should...

Thankfully, we live in the Information Age, so it's relatively easy to get to the bottom of things...


Feb 10, 2017 07:36 PM
Mick Michaud
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It's scary that many people in this country do not understand what's happened to our "news".  It's bought and paid for with political intent and agenda.  The Roman empire comes to mind.

Feb 11, 2017 06:09 AM
John Slocum
Premiere Property Group, LLC - Vancouver Washington - Vancouver, WA
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Like AJ says, InfoWars are going on all the time!  John and Kat

Feb 11, 2017 01:15 PM
Joe Pryor
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The crazy thing I have noticed about the recent travel ban is at the same time airline flights have becoime cheaper. We booked a Florda trip on first class and it was $500 a person round trip less. I am going to San francisco next week and the flight I had booked went down $300. Crazy.

Feb 11, 2017 03:18 PM
Michael J. Perry
KW Elite - Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA Relo Specialist

Very interesting post ! We all saw how wrong the Media was in Nov. !

Mar 12, 2017 08:05 AM