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Beta Test Free Trial - Review Builder Builds Google & Yelp! Stars

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Presell prospective home buyers and sellers with this powerful new review building software.


Simple to use, you simply send happy home buyers or sellers a text message asking them to leave you a review. 


They view the text message and give you five stars, then they are asked to post to Google, Yelp! or other review site of your choice.


Simple, effective, and a profitable way to build your business.  Reviews matter. If you have a Google + My Business page (a REQUIREMNT AT THIS TIME), you are eligible to do a free test of this system, with no obligation. 


Easy signup page is here.

Just enter your full name, email and choose a password.


This new service from RepPilot Reputation is just now rolling out, and we need some beta testers.  


When you sign up for the test, you will be given free access to the software without any monthly fee during the test period.  You will be allowed 25 free text messages to satisfied clients, asking them to reveiw you and your services.  By the time you have sent 25 messages to happy clients, the odds are that you will have earned a significant number of positive reviews and stars on Google, Yelp! or other review sites.


This will then serve as "Social Proof" of your quality service and serve as a great tool to build your online "word of mouth" reputation.


This system resolves two of the biggest issues with getting online reveiws. It makes it easier for you to ask for them, and it makes it easy for your happy clients to leave them.


As a thank you for Beta Test Free Trial users from Active Rain, you will be able to lock in the lowest price going forward, should you desire to do so after the completion of your trial.


This is a trully free trial. No upfront cost to be refunded later. Just sign up and put the system to work building your online reputation.


PS: This system is designed to work for offices with multiple agents and also for firms with multiple locations - but will work for individual agents as well or other solo-prenuers.  


Start your free trial today. 








Earl Netwal
Micro Business Specialist - Minneapolis, MN

See YouTube Video Describing the service here

Feb 12, 2017 01:36 PM