Barrington, IL Granite Countertop Restoration (Feb.) 2017

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Yes today is the weekend. I am writing this on a Saturday and I could not wait for Monday. Great news. Granite Heroes has hired Ashton, she is our new stone technician. She is working with Erik and Jim and over the last few weeks she is grasping everything very quickly. Even with past experience, we train everyone to do things our way, or I should say Erik's way. Erik is our Master Stone Technician and everyone out on the field follows his lead. This makes it easier if for some reason Jim or Ashton have troubles in the field with something. They can all speak the same language and figure out what to do and not do.


These are the first photos at a job in Barrington, IL helping the guys polish a granite countertops in the kitchen. She was able to knock it out and at the end with Erik's supervision it turned out great. Ashton still has a few more months of training before she is out on her own. She is picking things up very fast. So in the pictures below Erik had to fill a bunch of chips on the edge of the countertops. You can't even notice them anymore. We also re-caulked along the wall and counters. The finish product speaks for itself. The client was super happy with the work.

Polishing countertops is not easy. Ashton did a great job and will continue to learn more things.  This job took us 2 days, we had a lot more work we did for the client. Maybe next week I will post those pictures.  For now the crew is resting over the weekend, and they will be ready to do it again next week. We have a busy week and we look to deliver A+ service. 


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