Best Winter Radon Testing

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February Winter in Massachusetts has snow and ice covering the ground.  These conditions may contribute to elevated levels of Radon Gas in your home.

Radon is always escaping to the earth's surface.  When the surface is covered with snow/ice the gas can not escape in a normal manner.  Home construction requires the structure to extend below the frost line.  Gaps between foundation components in your home may provide an escape path for the Radon gas. Winter is the best time to test your home for Radon.

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For more information on Radon in Massachusetts visit the Bureau of Environmental Health (BEH) website.

The EPA recommends you test your home for Radon every 2 years.

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Nina Rogoff
Boston, MA
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What an important reminder, Jim Mushinsky ! I'll bet many homeowners with radon mitigation systems do not know that snow on the ground could have this kind of impact. Do you mind if I share your post on my blog? 

Feb 14, 2017 08:43 PM