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Under British Columbia's new home warranty program, the building envelope is insured for 5 years against water penetration and damage to the interior components or finishes. Here's a roof photo from a recently constructed house. You can see a vertical ridge going up the laminate shingles.

In a worst case scenario, the uplift can split open the sealed sections of overlapping courses. Wind then further expands the cavity and can even break some tiles off. This exposes the wooden (plywood or chipboard) roof sheathing to rain ingress and moisture damage.

The likely cause is uplift of the roof trusses, which in turn have pushed up the 4 x 8 sheething at the joints. Since the construction is less than 5 years old, this item was claimed by the homeowner and is now awaiting corrective action from the warranty provider and contractor.  

It's worthwhile to have your home inspected in advance of the new home warranty expiry dates. Use it or loose it! As in this case, the defect was not readily apparent, and not visible from ground level. It was uncovered during a warranty inspection. The fix may prove to be rather expensive and thankfully, it should be covered by the warranty. 





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Glad you found it infomative!

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