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2017 Home Design Trends

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Interior Design Trends We Can Expect To See In 2017


The 1950s brought us knotty pine walls, mid-century modern furniture, and pepto bismol pink appliances. In the 1950s, the television series “Mad Men” had viewers across the U.S. wanting to channel Don Draper by sipping whiskey at 10am in their decadent sitting room, while admiring the pop art, bold colors, and geometric shapes that surrounded them. The 1970s was a whirlwind of design with its shag carpets, linoleum floors, bamboo furniture, and matching busy patterns throughout the entire abode. The 1980s was a little easier on the eyes, boasting soft pastel colors, and a mixture of country and preppy designs. The busy design was even more dialed down in the 1990s, which welcomed earth tone colors, sponge paint walls, and a minimalist design approach. The past sixty years have produced a plethora of design techniques; some we want to bring back, and others, we would pay to never see again. (Did I mention linoleum floors?)


2017 Trends


Every single year brings new interior design trends, and we are loving the change. What can we expect to see in 2017?

Cheery Shades- It has been scientifically proven that the color of a room can have an impact on a person’s mood. It only makes sense that in this era of stress, high tension, and uncertainty, that we would naturally gravitate toward things that make us feel good. For many, this starts at home. The most notable color one can expect to see is lime green. This color was named the 2017 Pantone Color of The Year. “Greenery” represents refreshment and revitalization, and we could all use some of that.

Faux Materials- Believe it or not, in some cases faux materials can actually be more reliable than authentic materials. You have probably heard the saying “you buy cheap, you buy twice”. While this notion may apply to furniture, you’ll be relieved to know that it is not always the case when it comes to certain engineered materials. For example, engineered quartz can withstand acidic foods and heat far better than marble, and faux wood doesn’t rot or bow. Not to mention, engineered materials are far more cost effective.

Mixed Patterns- Statement pieces can never be too busy. I remember when I moved into my first place, even at the ripe age of eighteen, I overly stressed about clashing patterns and colors. This was so daunting that I had remember having a small breakdown in Ikea because I had purchased a red dresser. This was basically decorative suicide, because I thought I could only buy accents that were black, white, or grey. I could never imagine putting another color near that red dresser. The good news is, those days are gone! I still have the dresser, and it is surrounded by patterns, colors, and textures that I never dreamed would look good next to it. Mismatched patterns are enticing, and 2017 loves them!

Texture- Are we seeing a pattern? Better yet, a TEXTURE of sensory revitalization? Yes we are! And according to CNN.com, Americans are now devoting 10 hours a day to screen time. Whether it be working in front of a computer, using a cell phone, or relaxing in front of the T.V., this trend of staring at a flat screen has our senses begging for engagement.

The world of interior design is rapidly changing, and as you can see, 2017 is all about awakening our senses. In a world full of screen time, deadlines, and seemingly trying times, interior design is doing its part in transforming your home into a cheerful, revitalizing abode. Dive into this change, and see how a few simple updates in design can change your day to day outlook!




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Great post you are right design; along with, everything else constantly changes. In order to succeed we have to be willing to adapt. Thanks for sharing I hope you have a great week ahead.

Feb 13, 2017 05:57 AM
Kristin Johnston - REALTOR®
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OK I love the post but those pictures really take me back...ahhh :=)

Feb 13, 2017 06:15 AM