Turning Back the Clock on the Older Home - Part II

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It's Crunch Time - You just got orders, are buying a bigger house or just need to sell and move on.  You've dealt, as much as possible, with the major items (see Part I of this post) but what final adjustments should you make to your older home just before putting it on the market?  Some cost effective suggestions:

Grab Your Agent - What the heck, you're paying him anyhow so why not put her years of experience to work for you.  One thing though - please don't ask for an unvarnished opinion of what needs to be done and then get mad at the agent when she provides it.

Grab a Brush - Unless the interior paint is in great shape and especially if your colors are anything but neutral - buy a box of brushes, a few gallons of paint and a keg of beer then invite your friends over to repaint.  Hopefully you've been keeping the exterior paint in good shape all along because weather, costs and lack of time probably means it's too late to deal with it now.

Grab a Rake - Spend a few dollars to spiffy up at least the yard.  Plant a few small shrubs, a small tree or anything that looks like your family was proud of and cared for their home. 

If you're all about tact, you might even want to drag that rake over to the next door neighbors' house and suggest that "since you're really getting into the yard work thing" you'd be happy to help him give his front yard the once over.  Tread lightly on this one as the neighbor's trashy yard is better than having an embittered neighbor who'll make it his business to bad mouth you and your house to every passer by.

Grab That Rake Again - Hopefully you won't need a rake to clear the clutter in your home but if you do - have at it.  Buyers will understand boxes in the garage but in the house - not so much.  Besides - clutter makes your rooms look smaller.

Grab Your Nose - If you have dogs, liberally apply the implement of your choice to cleaning up the yard where the "buffalo roam".  Since you're dealing with repeat offenders, make sure you do a quick scan and sniff before each home showing or the prospects will be remember their visit for all the wrong reasons.

Grab Your Pocket Change - And buy a welcome mat and the more blatant the word "WELCOME" the better.  Corny - yes.  Cheap - yes.  Effective - yes.  Anything that you can do to help your prospects warm to your home and envision that same positive experience for their family will move your home towards the top of their list.

Jan DeGiorgio - Associate Broker
Century 21 Southern Idaho Realty
Mountain Home, ID

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