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Shareboarding in Hawaii

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Shareboarding in Hawaii is a available for horse enthusiasts.  

It is costly to bring your horses to Hawaii but it is possible.  Depending on how you decide to get your horse to Hawaii will determine your costs.  Your choices are to fly or ship.  

There is only one person to go through for shipping and that is Sheila Head out of Northern California and the going rate is approximately $1500.00.  Your horse could be at sea from 3 to 7 days depending on which shipping schedule she uses.  

If you want to fly your horse here there are a couple of options and this will range from $2500 to $5000 according to the estimates I received when I inquired a year ago.  

Then you need to deal with the cost of boarding and feed.  Can I say most are shell shocked when they find these numbers out.  Board can range anywhere from $150 a month, you provide feed, drop your own feed, and you clean...  to full board of approximately $900+ which means they clean, they feed, and they provide basic feed.   

Shareboarding is an option for horse lovers who decide to leave their horses at home in the care of loved ones and still need a horse fix when they arrive in Hawaii.  Usually for a monthly fee you are allowed access to ride or be at the barn a certain number of days a week.  The owner takes care of all costs and care for the horse, feed, vet, farrier... unless of course the Shareboarder causes an injury to the horse then they may be responsible for that bill....  

If you are one of these horse enthusiast with horse experience and need a horse fix... today is your lucky day.  Due to my crazy schedule and time constraints I'm currently in search of a Shareboarder on Oahu in Waimanalo.  

Mike and Princess

Princess pictured here with my amazing hubby and partner in real estate is a Clydesdale.  She is gentle, willing, and loves to be ridden and loved on.  

We are hoping to find someone experienced who knows how to ride... not so much because Princess needs this more so because I don't have the time to teach someone horsemanship and how to ride.  

If you are interested please reach out to me and lets explore the possibilities of shareboarding in Hawaii.  



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Rebekah Kim

Hello, I realize this article is over a year old but, are you still searching for a shareboarder?

Nov 07, 2018 04:24 PM