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We were meeting with a friend in Columbus, Ohio, recently, when he uttered a statement we thought to be quite profound.  He said, “Your brand begins with thanks”.  We couldn’t agree more.

As business owners and business leaders, we often get so caught up in the daily mill that we sometimes miss opportunities to say ‘thank you’.  We know we have certainly missed some ourselves.  Let’s face it--a strong brand isn’t built by one person or even an entire company.  It takes family, friends, customers and supporters to build a strong brand.

That goes hand in hand with our argument that you can’t simply set out to produce a viral video.  You don’t determine whether the video goes viral…your public does.  And regardless of how carefully you craft all the elements in the video to increase its chances of going viral, you do not control its ultimate fate.  The same goes for your brand.

And that’s why this is a great reminder say ‘thank you’ to your family, friends, customers, fans and supporters on a regular basis.

And so we’d like to express our gratitude to all of you who have supported us throughout our BrandFace® journey.  To those who trust in us, refer us to people you know and follow us on social media.  To those who thoughtfully comment on our posts and even those who disagree.  And to those who inspire us and provide mentorship.  You are all incredibly important. And for that we humbly say ‘Thank You’.



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Authors:  Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr (BrandFace®, LLC)

About the Authors:

Tonya Eberhart is a Speaker, Author and Agent to Business Stars…and founder of BrandFace®, LLC.  Michael Carr is America's Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer & a licensed broker in 27 states.  He was also a BrandFace® client before he became a partner.  Together, they focus on personal branding and marketing designed to help real estate professionals become the face of their business & a star in their market.  BrandFace® for Real Estate Professionals is a book, professional speaking series and exclusive workshop for agents.  For more information, visit

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