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Hello Out There!

The long summer drought is finally over!  The hard ground caused a lot of hoof and tendon injury to our horses, but now that the mud is here, they will probably be losing their shoes while outside!  Oh well, it's all part of the joy of horses!

I finally sold my horse, Boghati, this summer. Word has it that he is showing well out in California.  I could see on internet that he placed very high at The Oaks Horseshow out there.  One footnote on that: there is a new marketing tool available for selling hunter/jumpers called "The Exchange".  This business was started by a woman who saw the need to connect high level horseman to one another using the internet and digital video.

This sales tool was instrumental in getting my hunter sold in the "high end" market.  Check it out if you have a quality horse to sell into the hunter/jumper show world..

The housing market is giving the media lots of things to say on the nightly news that can cause anxiety and fear amongst the less informed public.  Bear in mind, when you watch and read the national news, that real estate is very regional and we are doing far better here in Minnesota than in other parts of the country.  Our market, while not appreciating at 25% any longer, is holding its own, especially in certain areas of the Twin Cities.  Some of the areas that are strong are, of course, Lake Minnetonka, (and all lakeshore), but Plymouth and Waconia, are in particular continuing to have solid values and multiple buyers.  I  have no particular explanation for this, but, my hunch is that people began pricing things correctly as the market weakened, and all other pricing followed using them as comps.  The result is that the percieved value is good for these great areas compared to others that are still pricing their homes as though the market has not changed.  All this does is cause the homes to remain on the market longer than needed, cause sress and lose dollars for the sellers.

If you want to know more, contact me and I will be happy to assist you with any of your real estate needs.  I consider myself a resource for horse enthusiasts moving into the Twin Cities as well.  If I don't have the answer for your questions, I will certainly be able to direct you to someone who does.  So if you are looking for horse property in the Western Suburbs of Minneapolis, give me a call!  I love to combine my knowledge of real estate and horses and they are my favorite properties to show.  I have kept horses at home and cared for them myself so I have an eye for the what a true horseman is looking for.....ease of care, and safety in handling....both of which are affected by the property you purchase for keeping horses at home.

In addition, before you commit to another Realtor for helping you with a horse property, you may want to give me a call, as I also have access to special financing for horse properties at rates that compete with the best of them.  I can also direct you to excellent resources for equine insurance, (both health and liability), farriers, trainers and all the other services you will need for your horse property.

 We also work with investors and regular old residential real estate as well! 

 BUYERS - Now is a great time to use your strong negotiating position.  More homes on the market than buyers creates a supply and demand tilted in your favor!

SELLERS - You need a knowledgeable professional now more than ever.  Keep me in mind.

 Have fun riding and stay safe!

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Houses and Horses seem to fit together really well. I enjoy working around both! I would love to get some Equine Insurance referances as I have clients who purchase ponies from me that are always asking for me to point them to great ones. If you ever have anyone looking for a top of the line show pony send them my way.
Sep 26, 2007 03:50 AM
Dawn Ohnstad

Hi Michele,


I do have the name of an excellent equine insurance company.  It is "Windridge" and it is based out of Plymouth, Minnesota.  The phone number is 763-557-0709.  I had my expensive Hunter insured with them and they have a great reputation.  Please talk to Jane Martenson if you call them and tell her I sent you.

 If you do not know trainer, Kim Barone, she is an excellent resource for buyers and sellers of quality show horses and ponies.  Kim is a high level rider and trainer who has a national reputation.  Look up "Ravenridge Farm" on line to learn more about her. 

 I will send any pony buyers your way,  We are a referral business also, and hopefully, you will send any real estate leads to us as well!

 Thank you for your comments on my blog!


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Oct 01, 2007 02:55 AM