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When a person drives through Westerville, he or she may have a hard time realizing how much this city has grown.

Westerville has a population close to 40,000 people, and yet only 30 years ago, it was approximately half that size and considered a small town. This part of Franklin County is booming and it is a city on the go. It is not a recent urban development, either. The history of Westerville goes back over 200 years and a lot of history was made here.

Real estate in the area is some of the very best in the state and homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio draw a lot of interested people.

Celebrating the Environment

It is easy to think of expansion as urban sprawl, with all its dirty congestion. Growing does not mean Westerville has no concern about the environment. Environmental stewardship is one of the core values of the city. There is as much commitment to green living as there is to quality housing.

You can view the beauty of Westerville by driving down Sunbury Road, or riding one of the many bicycle paths the city has created. The city’s parks; Inniswood, Sharon Woods, and Millstone Creek, are celebrations of natural beauty in the city committed to protecting the environment. It all helps make the homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio part of a fantastic corner of Franklin County/Delaware County.

It is easy for a buyer or seller to be seduced by cable TV. Television shows make it sound so easy to buy a house or sell one. We have to let you know that there's a lot more to a real estate transaction. Honestly, it takes more than the one hour that television show broadcasts. When you are looking at homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio, be sure you know what you are doing.

Let the Buyer Take Care

We are approaching spring, and it is a time of year when many go house hunting. Looking for that first home, or one that is a bit larger than the present house can be very exciting.

Homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio have so much variety there is something to please anyone’s taste. The house shopper does have to be a little bit careful. It is not because someone is trying to deceive a buyer. There are parts of the transaction a person must know about before making a purchase offer on a home.

One difficulty which arises is the history of the house. Unless you are willing to do some research in the records, you may not know that there is a lien on the property. The seller might not know, either. However, any lien can force transactions on homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio to a dead halt until the matter is resolved.

Repairs in the house may not come to your immediate attention. While people offering homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio ought to reveal information, this does not happen ordinarily unless you ask the right questions.

Few people are going to volunteer any information which might hurt their profits. The property may be on a utility budget. It can mean you as the buyer responsible to pay off budget balance for gas or other utility expenses. The cost can be sizable.

Any repairs will require a contractor. If you know somebody who is reputable, then there is no problem. Most homebuyers are not too familiar with repair work. Fixing drywall is something anyone can do but the electrical wiring in the house should be done only by a professional. The same is true for any plumbing or HVAC repair needed to make homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio livable.


Real Estate Reality

You must do some research before you even start on the house hunting tours.

The best possible bargain comes from evaluating a given house against homes of comparable size (e.g. square footage, number of bathrooms, number of bedrooms, etc.). Other homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio need to be the ones for the comparisons.

Sellers will advertise open house viewings and you can go to those in Westerville neighborhoods such as Twelve Trees or Spring Grove. These open houses are real estate’s answer to cattle calls. You will find yourself possibly looking at the property with many people at the same time. That can add a lot of pressure. It is better to try to schedule a private viewing it with the seller.

Unless you have very good connections in real estate, you might not have the leads necessary to find houses that are just on the market. You would have to instead rely on information which everybody knows. It can make the final transaction a bit harder to do.

Real estate has a lot of paperwork such as comparative market analysis or purchase agreements. There are professionals who will do this work for you, but you need to research these and find the right one. It is not always easy and you have to be careful about whom it is you are dealing with. Still, you can do this by yourself.

A final thing to keep in mind if you go about trying to buy a house alone is the amount of time. Do you have the time to schedule private viewings? Also, do you have the hours needed to do the kind of research on a properties history?

You cannot rush through any real estate transaction. You will risk losing thousands of dollars if you are not careful. Purchasing the house by yourself can be done, but there is a lot of homework which must be completed first. You ought to budget at least one or two hours a day for several weeks prior to your house hunting search. You also ought to budget a few daily hours as you actively inspect homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio

The other option is to consider the services of a real estate agent. These are not individuals who are out to secure a commission unethically. They are highly seasoned professionals who work on behalf of the client and are expected to put the client’s needs ahead of any fee. A good real estate agent proves his or her weight in gold when it comes to negotiations. Their levelheaded view of the process permits them to bargain unemotionally, and get the best possible price.

If you need some information about homes for sale in Westerville, Ohio, why not contact us? We know the territory and have some insights you might not have known about before. By all means at your earliest convenience feel free to contact us.

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Joan Cox
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Dimitri, what a great post, and makes me want to come and see Westerville.  Sounds like a charming town.

Feb 19, 2017 12:50 PM
Laura Cerrano
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Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

A lot of classical architecture mixed in with the classical lawns is a really good thing in my opinion. Great luck with everything😁!

Feb 19, 2017 10:35 PM
Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

I agree that it really does make you want to go see the area of Westerville and all the rest! Joan Cox

Feb 19, 2017 10:36 PM