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Westerville Ohio Real Estate has great variety. You can find older homes near Otterbein University and very expensive state homes in Twelve Trees. Those properties are not cheap and a person can sell at a very nice profit.

A number of reasons govern Westerville Ohio real estate. The city has an amazing park system with beautiful landscapes not far from any one house. The school system also seems very high marks with three high schools, several middle schools, and elementary schools as well. The community has grown tremendously in the last two years and will continue to do so. There is a demand for the house.

Westerville Ohio real estate can command high prices. Selling your house by yourself is a piece of cake if you believe cable television. It seems to be nothing more than putting a sign out front and do a little negotiating with the buyer. The hint is that you save all this money in commission. We are not going to lie to you: yes, you can sell your house all by yourself. Please understand this is not like selling your laptop. You must be aware of what it takes to sell the property.

It's All The Same

It doesn’t matter if the house is in Freedom Colony or Highland Lakes. Westerville Ohio Real Estate follows certain procedures in the process leading up to closing. You ought to acquaint yourself with how things are done.

Pricing. A comparable market analysis (CMA) needs to be created to determine the fair market value of your house. Research ought to include sales going back as far as 18 months, and this can be gleaned from the public records. It is also important for the sake of marketing to find out the average days on the market for the type of property you have.

The Records. Westerville Ohio real estate has a history which again can be found from the public record. This could include tax role data, lot size, and items regarding the actual ownership.

Web Marketing. Never underestimate the power of the Internet to sell property. Westerville Ohio real estate is ordinarily featured on sites such as Zillow and Realtor.com. You also should be willing to create brochures and other marketing material for the house. Marketing is important because of time. You usually have about 7 weeks to get the house under contract before you are required to start reducing the asking price.

Offers, Inspections, and Negotiations. Expect to have a lot of paperwork facing you as offers are made. An Offer to Purchase contract will be submitted and needs to be evaluated. It is not the best idea to assume a buyer has the financial resources to purchase the house. A prequalification letter from a loan officer will let you know that the buyer can afford your house. Be careful about signing any documents you are not familiar with. These are papers that can be legally binding, and you must know the contents.

You will have to schedule various inspections, which all homes for sale in Westerville must have.

FHA insists on inspections of the property prior to approving an FHA loan. You must arrange to have an appraisal to be done and schedule any repair work that needs to be done.

You can always ignore FHA loans, but most buyers go this route at least for the first house.

Termite and mold inspections are going to be required. You must make sure this is done as well as septic system appraisals. A home inspection needs to be coordinated and you should have an appraisal to determine the real value of the house. This protects the homeowner because you may accidentally be trying to sell your house for less than its true value.

You can expect to negotiate over the final sales price for the house. Westerville Ohio real estate is expensive, but you can bring the price down a bit "If" you're able to bargain with the other side.

The home inspection gives you an idea of what renovations may have to be done to the house. You could do a little back and forth on that. For example, you can agree to lower the price to return for the buyer assuming the cost of any repair work.


It is quite possible the buyer has a real estate agent as representative. This is a property professional who has negotiated deals in the past. The more information you know about the house beforehand, the easier is going to be to interact with this person.

The final price of the property will be different from the original amount you ask receive. Nevertheless, if you negotiate properly you will find that you are not paying certain repair costs or even fees at closing.

Closing. This is the day when all the final action takes place. The deed is signed and the purchase check is received. The closing day can be as smooth as silk, or fall apart due to last minute drama. It all depends on how the paperwork is prepared and if all necessary information is shared.

The documents need to be reviewed by an attorney and this is one person you cannot do without. The most important aspect of a good closing our lack of surprises. There will be no problems if you can have all the paperwork in proper order. Otherwise, something like a title search can create a conundrum that is not easy to resolve.

If you are thinking of selling your home in Westerville, you may have several questions about how to go through the process. Want to give us a call? We are more than willing to answer any questions you might have about Westerville Ohio real estate. We can set up an appointment to discuss what can be done to sell your property. We appreciate any questions and will answer them completely. Please do feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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I don't know much about the Westerville area but up to you very soon! I gave your follow! Thanks again, Dimitri! :)

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You always provide good information about your housing market. Thank you for sharing 

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