Secrets For Selling Your House Fast in Westerville, OH

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Are you looking to sell your house fast in Westerville, OH?

Selling a house quickly often requires doing some renovation. If you are planning on selling your property you already know the importance of curb appeal. Other than putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and doing some clean up not much more is said about making the interior appealing.

You can however make your house look awfully attractive by using a little technology to make the place more efficient.

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Prospective Westerville Ohio home buyers on today’s market are looking for a good deal and that is more than just the price. A home that has certain efficiencies built into it will raise a few eyebrows and spark some genuine interest.

security system

One immediate way to make the place more efficient and sell it faster in Westerville, Ohio is to put in a security system. This is an immediate selling point to any buyer because it will allow them to better protect their investment. It need not be elaborate, but little things like automatic door locks and security cameras installed will create an image of a well-protected castle.

energy star label

If you’re going to replace any appliances then the Energy Star label is going to be very important. Why is that? This particular sticker on a heat pump or furnace is an indicator that the product is energy efficient, and burns less carbon than other models.

To sell your house fast in Westerville you need to check your windows to see if they are energy-efficient; not allowing for drafts of cold to come in or heat to escape. The windows themselves can be made even more energy-efficient without costing an awful lot of money. Window film, which keeps out heat and traps in cool air, can be applied at a very marginal cost.

With any of the energy-saving renovations it is best to do this several months before you put the property up for sale. This allows you to show a prospective buyer how on a monthly basis energy is being saved in the house. Your utility bill will give you an idea of how much electricity is being used. Several favorable months of low energy use and cost is a highly effective sales point.

replace roof

If you are thinking of doing some major renovations to be able to sell your house fast in Westerville, they would most likely include replacing the roof. This is fairly expensive but you could add the cost to the sales price of the house. Again, being able to tell a prospective buyer, you have a brand-new roof is going to be very appealing.

Putting the right of insulation in the attic and the garage will also mean less spending on air-conditioning or heat.

The US Department of Energy can provide a few other ideas to make the house more energy-efficient. You want to look into these and see which ones you can afford.

Something as simple as ceiling fans can help bring the energy cost down. What you are doing with all of these improvements is creating a secure house with low energy costs. It means over the lifetime of a mortgage the buyer is going to do quite well.

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There’s one other important point to consider if you want to sell your home fast in Westerville, OH. Many younger homebuyers believe in Green living. These people have accepted the idea of leaving a smaller carbon footprint on earth and helping the environment. An energy-efficient house does exactly that. There are much fewer carbon emissions and better utilization of utilities. All this will make a very favorable impression on the buyers.

This puts you in a very good bargaining position as well. If you impress on a buyer how much money they will save over the long run, then this person is going be less likely to insist on the sales price reduction.

Your real estate agent can point out that while certain fees must be paid for by the buyer, the long-term savings balance everything out. It often happens that the profit margin of the sale is eaten up by those fees. Though you may not command an even higher price for your house, you will maintain a strong profit margin with those energy efficiencies. You will walk away from the table with more money as a consequence.

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The investment in security and energy efficiency also reflects favorably on you. Security systems reduce the incidence of crime and fuel efficiency helps the environment. Moreover, the cost of doing either is not that excessive. The overall effect is to provide value to the property which a prospective buyer would like to see.

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Laura Cerrano
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Wow! I haven't really ever thought about selling or buying a house in the Ohio area, but if I do I'm I'm coming to you, I bet! Thank you for that!

Feb 19, 2017 10:31 PM
Praful Thakkar
LAER Realty Partners - Andover, MA
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Dimitri Zubrich - indeed, people love good homes - and if there is a security system installed, it's even better.

Feb 19, 2017 11:12 PM