Are You a Mastermind? Home Buyers & Sellers Sure Hope So!

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Home Buyers & Sellers these days are getting more and more educated on the process and all that is involved in buying and selling a home. That being said, let me ask you this ...are YOU a Mastermind?

Home Buyers & Sellers are hiring agents that are on top of their game, educated on all the current technology to market their homes, get the best price, and understand each and every piece of the puzzle from the inspection to the appraisal to the mortgage to the title, AND work hard to better their craft every day. So, is this you? Are you a Mastermind? Do you re-invest in your business everyday, every week, every month, every quarter, annually? If you answered yes, you are well on your way to being in the top 5% and a true Mastermind...

Now, are you putting yourself out there? Are you readily available for home buyers & sellers to access you? Can home buyers & sellers find you without even really trying? Better question, can they find you locally just by looking up homes geographically? If you answered yes, you are almost there - You're almost a Mastermind...

Also, are you learning from other professionals, are you networking, are you getting educated each month (including continuing education) on ever changing pressing matters in your field? If you answered yes, then I am impressed - You are in the final strech of being a Mastermind...

Finally, are you the most professional in your field, around you, that you know? I'm talking about having a top quality headshot for all your marketing needs, having a top quality promotional video for all your marketing needs, having SEO mastered for all of your marketing needs, having the best business cards you can have and consistly doing mailers, handouts, etc, having a great business coach or mentor by your side, having a marketing team on your side so you're truly working smarter, not harder. If you answered yes to these then well, you my friend are a Mastermind. A Michigan Real Estate Mastermind. Only a member of Michigan Real Estate Masterminds, LLC could answer yes to all of the above.  

If you're not yet a member - Join us today at:

We host 6 educational lunch & learns all across Southeastern Michigan as well as 4 happy hours a year, 5 continuing education breakfasts, and major development events at the DAC as well.

Join us for the Official Launch Party at Bahama Breeze in Troy, March 2nd 4-8pm at: Come One Come All on facebook or on  

We are launching the new website directed, marketed, and promoted to local home buyers and sellers as a directory for them to find local Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Loan Officers, and service providers.

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