Southern California Private Money Loan For Second Home Purchase

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On my company's website,, I've written about nearly 250 Previously Funded Loans that my partner and I have closed over the past few years.  

Since we primarily focus on hard money / private money lending in California, Oregon, and Washington, these posts give people a good idea about the loan scenarios we work on for our borrower clients.  People have all kinds of interesting situations that cannot go through conventional financing channels.  

This loan in Southern California was a situation where the buyer submitted an all-cash offer but a few days before closing came to the signing table with private money loan docs.   We see this every other month and usually the seller is okay with the financing arrangement as long as the transaction closes on-time. 

In this case, we were able to arrange 36-month private  money financing for the borrower who planned to refinance into a conventional mortgage after the 6-month prepayment penalty period expired.


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