Are You the Life of the Party or A Party Pooper?

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What a great post by @KVitali and I'm illustrating exactly what he mentions happens!


Kevin wrote a very helpful article on how to make it in social media and how whether you choose to be a party pooper or the life of the party to determine your rate of success.


It's so much about writing relevant, high quality content and linking to those that are active participants, in that they believe in the methods of engagement across the various social media platforms.


Kevin wrote an article, included a link to me and he knew I'd discover his article, enjoy the good read (Kevin writes good stuff) and would share it; he knows I'm an active participant. Now, his reach has doubled, had he just included his own article, the reach would likely not have been as vast.

Original content by Kevin Vitali 9506757

Engage and participate when shoing up for social media


For years I spent time writing what I thought was great content but internet traffic was ho-hum. And like probably many of people, I shared on all the social media channels, like I thought we were suppossed to do.

Still mediocre results.

Two Key Pieces for Upping Your Game

So I am not the brightest guy in the world :0  I kept doing the same thing with the same results.... until recently. 

The first critical piece I covered in an article earlier this week, Are You Getting GRAPHIC With Your Blog Posts?  I discuss the importance of blog graphics and a catchy headline.  This is important because this is what you are actually sharing to get people to engage.  You can go back and read this article so I wont go into any depth here.


Social Media is Like a Party

Social Media is Like A Party Don't Be a Party Pooper

I watched and I followed.  Why were some real estate agents getting so much exposure on social media and traffic to their sites....

Thru observation and discussion I learned that being successful on Social Media is about engagement and participation.  DUH!! 

Social Media is like going to a party.  You mingle, you learn about others, you share a little bit about yourself and hopefully walk away with some great new connections.

This means finding the social influencers in the real estate industry and engaging with them. And not just the social influencers... everyone.

What does this look like?

  1. Share their content on your social media with your own twist.  DON"T just share.  Write your own take on the topic for Linkedin, Google+ and Facebook and mention these social influencers with a link back.  They will take notice and share like crazy.  They already have a much larger network than you.
  2. Comment on thier  posts.  Again try to say something relevant to the topic.  What you liked about their article or post or where you may disagree.  It's a friendly discussion.
  3. When you do share your content, make it something that a broad range of people are interested in.  Quite frankly your listings aren't of interest to most people.  While yes there is a time and a place to post your listings, you will do far better sharing quality content about home selling, home buying, mortgages, etc....
  4. When you write blog content include links back to the real estate social influencers on articles they have written that relate to your topic.  Yes, I know counter intuitive.  Im sending my readers to the competition!!  Trust me, they will take notice and share.  Nothing is more coveted then some anchor text in a relevant article.  Plus outbound links to relevant your topics is key for seo.
  5. Be consistent.  If you aren't consistent you efforts are wasted. 

Find The Real Estate Social Media Influencers

Just type in "real estate social media influencers".  There are lists posted everywhere and many of the same people show up on these lists. had a recent list of 100 Top Real Estate Agents on Social Media.  Some included in this list are listed below along with relevant article of theirs on social media:

** see what I just did?  I included links back to others articles on my topic.  **

So Does It Work?

Absolutely... it may not happen over night, but it will happen quicker than you think.  Here are two examples.

Monday I posted How to Blow Up Your Home Sale in 7 Easy Steps

It is actually a recycled article that is 3 years old.  In three years.... I hate to tell you this, I only had 22 vistors.  The good news is refreshed with graphics and a new headline. I have received 327 visits in 48 hours. 

A big change!

The second example is an article I wrote, 10 Deadly Home Buying Pitfalls.  It was shared by Ryan Fitgerald on YPN's blog in an article 28 Great Real Estate Article of 2016.  In 3 months there has been 872 visitors.

Oh I forgot to mention.... if your sharing others articles they tend to share yours and include you in some of their articles. This is all based on the fact that you are writing quality, relevant content of course

Work on Being the Life of the Party

Im sure many of you are like me taking time writing good content with lackluster results.  Start with good headlines and graphics than share on social media. 

But, take the time to really engage with others and not make it about you all the time.  You will quickly see results if you have quality content, your engaging in a meaningful way with others and you are sharing!!

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