Magical, Mythical Santa Fe, according to Vogue Magazine

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Listen, folks, I live here. I know all about how amazing my City Different truly is. I grew up on a dryland farm in northeastern New Mexico where we all watched the sky and prayed for rain every day, and then when it hit, we prayed that it wouldn't rain too much. Just enough, please God. I watched those barren plains and mesas throughout my childhood.

The farm where I grew up was near a very small town. Logan, New Mexico, population 550 in those days. I graduated from high school with 16 of my closest friends. I knew them well, given that we had started first grade together in the same building where we were seniors.

I dreamed of living in Santa Fe all my life. I knew it was a special place. And then I was able to move here five years ago, finally fulfilling my dream of getting out of rural New Mexico and moving to the City.

So I know how special Santa Fe is. And anyone who has visited gets it as well. Here's a picture I recently took on a hike north of Santa Fe. 

For those of you haven't been here, there's a wonderful new article on the Vogue magazine website entitled "Haunted Inns and Desert Dreams - The Seductive Charms of Santa Fe." 

Here are the opening lines from the article:

Tucked in the ink-blue mountains of Northern New Mexico, Santa Fe is an inimitably striking city. Spanish for Holy Faith, the city is small — just 70,000 — with adobe buildings, phantasmagoric skies, and strings of titian-colored Chile ristras that hang from wooden doors.

It's also an old city — the oldest state capital in the United States — and has been inhabited since 1050 by members of Native American pueblos. It was colonized by Spanish settlements in 1610 when it became a fixture of the trade route.

The descriptor “magical” is often oversued. But, Santa Fe is magical.

Check out the article and then shoot me a comment telling me when you're coming to visit my City Different. I'll forward you a code for a great corporate rate at a downtown hotel, and then we can figure out everything you need to see while you're here. I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee at the Plaza Cafe or a margarita at Del Charro.

Life is good in Santa Fe. Vogue knows it. A farmgirl from northeastern New Mexico knows it. Come find out for yourself!




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