3 Tips to Help in Planning Your Move

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When the time comes to move, lots of thoughts can run through your head.

For starters, just the thought of boxing up everything can be enough to rattle the minds of millions of people on the move. When you throw in the notions of making new friends in the area you move to, finding new businesses to deal with, even how you will get to your job if you relocate far away, you can have a recipe for anxiety.

That said you can make your moving experience easier when you plan things out as far in advance as possible.

Yes, there will be some moves that catch you by surprise, notably those when you have to relocate sooner than later for a job transition etc.

When you do have the time to plan things out, however, be sure you take steps to make the move as stress-free as possible.

Put a Plan of Action Together

In order to have a move that is big on success and small on drama, remember these tips:

  1.      .  Plan

Get things off to a better start by having a solid moving plan in place.

For example, work out as many of the financial and logistical requirements as possible before you ever even start packing.

This means knowing what it will cost to move on your own or hire movers.

Also look at what the logistics will be with your new residence in terms of getting to your job (see more below), running to needed services (store, bank, gas station, medical facilities etc.), and getting your kids to school (if applicable).

  1.      .  Commute

Unless you regularly work from home, you will need to determine how far of a drive you will have to work from your new residence.

With millions of Americans commuting long distances to and from work these days, you will want to do everything possible to fall into that segment of the population (assuming you are not in there already).

While there are different options on the table for you, have you thought about ride sharing?

Whether you opt for such a service through RideCell or another provider, take note that you can access ride sharing, car sharing etc. in order to save both your own car expenses and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Finally, see if any arrangement can be made with your current employer to work from home on occasion (if you are already not doing so).

In many cases, workers find they are more productive working out of their homes, meaning fewer distractions around a busy workplace to deal with.

Is It Time to Clean Out?

  1.      .  Move

Last but not least, with all the other stuff you have to do in order to move into a new home you will own or you’ll end up renting, is it time for some major spring cleaning?

Unfortunately, too many people drag items from one residence to another, items they oftentimes will let sit somewhere in a closet or garage to collect dust. As such, they make the moves physically and mentally more taxing than they really need to be.

Instead of hauling a bunch of stuff to a new place that will likely get used infrequently or never, do some cleaning out ahead of time.

Weeks prior to your actual moving date, go through each room and see what are items that must go with you and those that you could take or leave. For those items in the latter group, consider selling them (yard or garage sale, private sale) or giving to a local agency like Goodwill etc. You might even decide to pass along some items to an outside family member or friend.

The goal is to make sure you’re only taking stuff with you that truly must go.


As stressful as moving can be, you can make the situation less taxing by planning ahead of time, leaving the real energy for when you have to start the physical portion of your relocation.

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