Allow yourself to be Human. Clients appreciate that!

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One thing about business we often speak about GOALS, MINDSETS, NUMBERS, TIME BLOCKING ETC…..In the real estate sales business we are operating on 60 to 90 day cycles normally due to the nature of our business.  In most cases if you are not getting the success you want, you can immediately go back to the work you did just 90 days ago and see why you are not where you want to be.  What happens with this sometimes is you lose site of the CURRENT MOMENT! You lose the ability enjoy, rejoice and yes hurt.

One of my monikers is EHUSTLE or EHUSTLING, which is my first name initial and the word Hustle due to my work ethic.  I have worked at a pace for a long time that most people cannot keep up with (or would want to) at a pretty high level without major team players (except my wonderful wife and kids) with me.

Recently I lost one of my corner stones in  my mom. My dad is older and has challenges.  I am an only child, father of three brilliant children and husband (better, good, worse) for 29 years.  I always have been able to look past the moment, and when life knocks me down, get up, recover and refocus (as a friend of mine says).  THAT IS COOL, but you know what else is cool?  Allowing people to see you are not a robot.  Allowing people to see the Human side of you and not just in Charity you do or caring things you do on an on going basis but the hurt, the challenges as well.

The outpouring love I received from friends (you expect) clients, family, COMPETITORS is so beautiful.  People sincerely checking in on me JUST TO LET ME KNOW THEY CARE.  Needless to say I am still doing business, and working, trying to get back to normal, but I believe showing people I am human and not a machine will not only allow me to viewed differently but make me feel differently.  LIVE, LAUGH, CRY, HURT, PLAY in the moment.  We never know how many moments we have!

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 No matter what you are going through in life it is a temporary condition and it truly is a great life.  God Bless

Elgin Walker

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